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11-02-28 Universal, again…

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Heard this song on the radio while driving to pick up Michael today,
Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

Was at Universal yesterday with Michael, my second time this year. Some of the pictures below are actually from the previous visit with Dana and Betty. Good thing their single day ticket is now also an annual pass, so I get to go in for free~~ Saved 74 bucks~

The Simpsons Ride is a simulator ride that is much more exciting than the ones we play with…

The Kwik-e-mart where you can buy Simpsons souvenirs. The outside of the Jurassic Park and Mummy.

Jurassic Park, is a boat ride with a drop at the end of the ride

Then we went on the Universal tour, to see the sound stages, sets, and props.

Some of the cars from movies

Skull Island from the movie King Kong. It’s actually a miniature model.

This is Wisteria Lane, from Desperate Housewives. They were shooting that day, so we couldn’t drive in there. The last one is the house from the movie Psycho.

This is the scene from that Tom Cruise movie… World War or something… or was it War of the Worlds… Anyway, it’s actually a real Boeing 747 bought for 60,000 US, but it cost them 200,000 dollars to transport it to the Universal set.

It was cold, so I had to get something warm to drink… Yeah, you know it’s cold when I say it’s cold… Then it’s the stage for the Water World show…

Not sure when I’ll be back again…