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09-10-03 Miramar Air Show

Posted: November 20, 2009 in Entertainment, Travel

Not much to say about the air show really… other than… it was AWESOME~

I’m not really an airplane fanatic, but, I think when most people see the Blue Angels in action, they would also woooo and ahhhh over their incredible aerobatic flying skills~

I was lucky that I just happen to be in SD on that weekend~ Kevin and Angel also came down from LA, and we all went together and we all got a tan~ hahaha~ The transportation of choice was between the Mini Cooper S Clubman and the Nissan Cube… Kevin’s X5 is just not economical nor environmental friendly, hahaha~ So anyway, Kevin never been in a Cube before, so we took the Cube~
DSC00148 DSC00149

Cars lined up on Miramar Road, which is the only way to get to the air show, which is held at the Miramar Marine Corps base, used to be the home of Top Gun~ and as you can see, only the two middle lanes were backed up, the two outer lanes were all speed ahead… Because you have to make a left to turn into the base, and being Americans, everyone lined up and waited… If this was in Taiwan… I’m sure All 4 lanes will be blocked and cars trying to cut into the left turn lanes right before they have to turn… Sometimes… I miss the law abiding ways people drive in the States…
DSC00152 DSC00159

A little board that tells you what’s ahead in the afternoon’s evens~
We actually parked the car in front of Andy’s store, and walked about 30-40 minutes into the base, so we don’t have to wait in the car~ It’s always nice weather in southern California~~ Hmm… I miss the weather too….
DSC00167 DSC00168 DSC00170
Other than airplanes flying around doing aerobatics, there were also static displays of jet fighters, bombers, big airplanes, little airplanes, tankers, and even R/C airplanes~
DSC00178 DSC00184 DSC00186
Right smack in the middle is the grand stand, which you have to pay to get in, forgot about how much the tickets were… and right next to the grand stand, on both sides, were the corporate sponsor’s tents, and if you are lucky enough to work for one of those companies, you can get into that area for the show~ As for us, we went to the area where the commoners can set up their lawn chairs and umbrellas to enjoy the show for free~  Which were pretty much at the end of the runway on both sides~
Thanks to Andy’s new Sony HX1 camera, I was able to zoom in very close to all the planes and stuff~ The F-18’s were parked at least 4-5000 ft away from where I was standing~
Here are some of the pictures I took, for the mother load, please view the full album via the link at the bottom~~
It was a fun day~
DSC00208 DSC00276 DSC00384