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East Bound, West Bound, James Bound.

It’s been a while since last time I was flew 065, Taipei, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Taipei. Actually, the last time I did this pattern was while I was still in training over 3 years ago. This time, Henry was there on a cargo flight, so we could meet up and hang.
上一次飛065從台北到曼谷到阿姆斯特丹回曼谷回台北已經是3年多前還在訓練的時候了. 這次剛好Henry也會在那邊, 所以我們就約了一起出去晃晃.


I’m can’t speak for others, but for me, as long as the hotel room has a clean bed, clean bathroom, a TV, and a stable and fast internet connection, then I’m all set.
我不曉得別人怎麼樣, 但是旅館只要有一張乾淨的床, 乾淨的廁所, 一台電視, 網路穩又快, 我就很滿足了.

After arriving in Amsterdam, took a nap, and went downtown with Henry to have a look see.
到了阿姆斯特丹之後, 睡了一下, 就跟Henry去城裡晃晃了.

What do you drink when you’re in Amsterdam? Heineken of course! We grabbed a drink at this cafe/restaurant next to Zara, and ordered pancakes. Yup, pancakes~ with beer!
來到阿姆斯特丹要喝什麼? 就是要海尼根啦! 我們在Zara旁邊的咖啡館/餐廳喝一杯, 還點了兩個鬆餅. 沒有錯, 鬆餅~ 配啤酒!
There were a lot of different toppings for the pancakes, and most of them were actually not sweet stuff or fruits. This one we got was bacon, mushroom, and cheese. it’s almost like a pizza, and it was surprisingly good! The pancake itself kinda has a texture of a crumpet.  The only food item that I miss from the training days in Adelaide.
菜單上面有各式各樣的鬆餅, 而且比較特別的是, 鹹的比甜的多. 雖然很詭異, 但是我們還是點了一個有蘑菇, 培根, 起司的. 好吃嗎? 真的很好吃ㄟ~ 我還滿驚訝的說~ 它的口感有點類似我們在澳洲受訓的時候吃的crumpet, 一個讓我懷念的食物~
We also ordered a strawberry pancake. It’s just fresh strawberries on top with powdered sugar and whipped cream. It was also berry good~ hahaha~
我們還點了一個草莓的, 上面就是新鮮草莓, 糖霜, 還有一坨鮮奶油. 這個也很好吃喔~
After our snack, we walked around downtown and these two pictures below is suppose to be a famous tourist spot. I didn’t tile my camera, the building was actually tilted~
吃完了我們的點心後, 我們又繼續晃來晃去. 剛好來到了這個景點. 不是我拍歪的喔,中間那棟就是歪歪的~
The weather was really nice that day, any shitty camera can capture nice looking pics.
那天的天氣很好, 任何爛的相機都可以拍出漂亮的照片.
Saw this tiny car on the side of a building, as you can see, it’s really small~ and it’s even got two seats in it… I think this is for children under 12.
路邊看到了這台小小車. 裡面還有兩張椅子. 我覺得這個應該是給12歲以下孩童的.
We then saw a Heineken City Shop, and they had a lot of Heineken stuff in it.
後來我們還去了海尼根的店 裡面有各式各樣海尼根的產品.

This was taken on route back to Bangkok. Nice big thunderstorm.
這張是回曼谷的路上拍的, 爆炸的雲.
Went to this restaurant for dinner. I have no idea where this was. People lead, and I followed.
晚餐是到這家餐廳去吃的. 我完全不曉得在哪, 反正有人帶, 我就跟著走就對了.
These are actually two different type of veggies. I can’t remember what they were…
這兩盤是不同的青菜, 不過… 我已經不記得他們是什麼東西了…
Chili crab and oyster omelet. It was goooooood~~~ Oh man, I’m hungry.
辣椒蟹還有蚵仔煎~ 好好吃喔~~ 我又餓了拉~
Steamed mussel, with lemon grass and basil. It was also very good. One thing about eating in Bangkok, everything was so freaking cheap!!! I can’t remember how much it was, but I remember saying damn that’s cheap! 
最後這倒是淡菜/孔雀蛤, 裡面放了檸檬草還有九層塔. 這個也好好吃~ 在曼谷吃飯真的很便宜ㄟ, 我是不記得這餐吃了多少錢啦, 不過我記得真是他奶奶的便宜~