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People say third time’s a charm, then what’s second time?

First time in Frankfurt didn’t really see much, cuz it was a Sunday. Can someone explain to me why everything closes on Sundays in Europe? Do people there not like to make money? Actually, I kinda understand, since most professions have the weekend off, why should anyway work on a Sunday?
第一次來法蘭克福的時候是禮拜天,所有的店都休息,所以哪也沒有去. 這次來是禮拜六, 所以當然要出去看看囉~ 不過有人知道為什麼歐洲的商店禮拜天都不開嗎? 是因為他們不想賺錢嗎? 其實, 我可以了解為什麼, 當所以其他的行業周末都不用上班的時候, 為什麼店家禮拜天也要開著不能休息?

Anyway, this time we arrived on a Saturday, since I dead-head on the passenger flight over, I was well rested, no, actually I only slept like 2 or 3 hours on the plane, cuz I was in the economy class and the seats were quite uncomfortable… not that the business class seats are any better…
這次來是搭客機來的, 不過我並沒有在飛機上睡多久, 因為我被放逐到經濟艙去… 椅子實在有夠難坐, 不過商務艙的椅子也沒有好到哪去…


So, after we got to the hotel in the morning, local time, rested for a couple of hours (actually I was tending to my stupid games on FB), RP and I went to this pizza place recommend by others. It was good stuff~ Why can’t pizzerias in Taiwan make the same crust? is it the water? flour? or the freaking humidity?  
到了旅館之後, 休息了一下(其實我是在搞那些FB的白痴小遊戲), 就往市區出發去吃一家很多人推薦的pizza~
Across the train station, we took the light rail to the pizza place.
It’s a small joint. They have pizzas as well as pastas.
地方不大, 主要是賣pizza跟義大利麵.
P1030568P1030569 P1030571
I have no idea what I ordered, since everything was in German, I wish I had paid more attention in my high school German class… Actually, I could still remember some vocabs and recognize some since it’s similar to English. Mine had peppers, pickled peppers, onions, anchovies, olives (not pitted), salami and mushrooms on it. The other pizza had salami, sausage, and the green thing is arugula. Both were good stuff~ The crust was good, the sauce was good, the toppings were good, I especially like the arugula, cuz it kinda balances out the saltiness of the sausages and salami.
由於林盃高中三年的德文課沒有很用心地在讀, 所以我只認得出一些單字, 還有一些跟英文很像的單字… 反正我點的上面有辣椒, 醃漬過的辣椒, 洋蔥, 橄欖(沒有去核的), 鯷魚, 蘑菇, 還有臘腸. 另外那張上面有兩種臘腸還有上面的… 綠色的菜… 我記得中文好像是芝麻菜(所以說, 請不要看我的部落格以為可以學到英文, 不要被我耽誤了), 很多沙拉裡面都混一些進去. 兩種都很好吃~

The we set off to the shopping district. On the way there, we passed by this shop that sells brushes. They have every kind of brush there is, from paint brush to brush you can wash your pans with to the brush you use to foam up the shaving cream and even brooms. Very interesting.
吃飽了之後, 我們就往購物區前進. 路上我們經過了這家賣刷子的店, 這間店很有趣, 各式各樣的刷子都有, 小到水彩筆大至掃把統統都有~

Inside the shopping district, there’s is this one area where LV, Gucci, Prada, Hermes, and many more are located. I’m not sure, but I think on that street, parking is for Porsches only… 911s, Panamera, Cayenne… It was like a outdoor Porsche showroom.
這個購物區裡面有條街上面都是什麼LV, Guicci, Prada之類的店. 這條路似乎是只限保時捷才可以停車, 因為一條路上一大堆, 好像在辦活動展示一樣.
P1030583P1030584 P1030585  

In Germany, as the same with many other European countries and Japan, you can see old buildings everywhere, and mostly well preserved, while the modern ones were all well designed with character that draws tourists to snap a few shots of it. You can’t see Taipei, which is a shame… Even the freaking ashtray in front of a restaurant looked nice.
在德國, 與其他許多的歐洲國家甚至日本, 你都會發現很多古老的建築, 還有許多非常有設計感的現代大樓, 都是會讓你想要多照各兩張的建築物. 但是為什麼台北都沒有? 這裡就連餐廳前面的煙灰缸我都想搬回家.
P1030576P1030578 P1030580P1030588

Dinner was at this restaurant behind Chanel. What do you eat when you’re in Germany? Pig knuckles and sausages! and of course, you wash it down with beer, lots of it~
晚餐是在Chanel後方的餐廳吃的. 德國要吃什麼? 當然就是香腸還有豬腳啦, 還有啤酒, 幫助消化~ 哈哈哈~
The beer was sweet, I forgot if it was apple or honey, but it was pretty good.
我點的這個啤酒有點甜, 我忘了是蜂蜜還是蘋果的味道, 還不錯.
P1030591P1030599P1030595P1030600 P1030596P1030597   
Sausages were all good, pig knuckles were also good, but I have to say, it didn’t really “wow” me. Maybe it’s because I’ve had it before, or I had my expectations set too high. Don’t get me wrong though, they were all good dishes, and you should give it a try when you visit Germany~ and beer too!
香腸豬腳都好吃, 不過我必須說, 不曉得是因為我對他的期待太大, 還是因為我以前已經吃過了, 他沒有讓我非常的驚豔. 不要誤會我的意思喔, 他還是很好吃, 如果你來德國的話, 這兩種東西一定是必點啦! 當然, 還有啤酒!

East Bound, West Bound, James Bound…

It was a flight from Taipei to Abu Dhabi then Frankfurt. Left home around 11:20pm and stepped into the hotel room in Frankfurt around 8:00pm the next day… It was a long day…

This is the tower at Abu Dhabi airport. Interesting ain’t it? We landing in Abu Dhabi for fuel and went on to Frankfurt. I hear the new hotel at AUH is real nice… next time…
IMG_0131 IMG_0124
Not sure if you can see it, but that red roofed building is the Ferrari park… Nice~~

Anyway, after we got to the hotel, the four of us went for a walk along the river and then head on to the train station for some food. Didn’t go downtown cuz we thought since it’s Sunday, many shops will be closed… Turns out, it was Oktoberfest… everything was open!! but we found out the next morning during breakfast just before we fly back to Taipei…
IMG_0157 IMG_0162IMG_0164 IMG_0166 IMG_0168 IMG_0173
IMG_0175 IMG_0177 IMG_0178

iPhone HDR functions is evident here. Left is with HDR off, right is with HDR on.
IMG_0180 IMG_0181 IMG_0182 IMG_0183
The sausage at the train station. YUM!! The Sexergy drink… I should’ve bought some and sell it online…
IMG_0186 IMG_0192 

These were the business class meals served on the passenger flight back to Taipei. It was better than what I expected~ But I really have to say, we have shitty business class seats!!! It was so uncomfortable… I think I only got 2 hours of sleep out of the 12-hour flight…
IMG_0208 IMG_0210
IMG_0212 IMG_0216 IMG_0220 IMG_0224 IMG_0230 IMG_0232
IMG_0234 IMG_0236