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I am going to apply for the Hong Kong Frequent Visitor’s Card…

Arriving late in Kowloon last night, was planning on going to Frites in Central to have some mussels and Belgium beer, but They only open till 12 am, and last order is at 11pm… Good thing we called before we got on the taxi~ So, Plan B… Hing Kei in Tsim Sha Tsui on Nathan Road across from Kowloon Park.
昨天到了旅館都已經快10點了, 本來要去中環那邊的Frites 吃點淡菜還有喝啤酒, 結果沒有想到他們12點就打烊, 11點之後就不能點菜了… 還好我們上計程車前先打了電話去問… 所以就改成B計畫囉~ 改去彌敦道上的避風塘興記吃螃蟹~

There was Annie, Cousin Wong, his colleague, and me. None of us were really hungry, so we didn’t order a lot. So here it is.
我們總共四個人, Annie, 王堂哥, 他同事小媽, 還有我, 不過因為我們都沒有很餓, 所以就沒有點很多囉~

This is the combo plate, had six different things in it. There was obviously, Squid, Chinese Broccoli, Pig stomach, intestine, tongue, and jelly fish. Turns out, none of them eat innards… so I got to enjoy it myself~
這個是六小福 – 魷魚, 菜心, 海蜇皮, 豬肚, 豬舌, 豬腸. 然後搞了半天, 他們居然都不吃內臟…

We also ordered a bowl of congee, it’s got pretty much everything in the appetizer combo in it… and peanuts.. hahaha~
The pitcher contains yam and water chestnut, I thought it was good, sweet, kinda tastes like sugarcane juice~ But apparently, I’m the only one that thinks it’s good, cuz I pretty much finished the whole thing by myself…
P1030187 P1030189 P1030191
我們還點了一碗艇仔粥, 還有甘蔗水, 甘蔗水裡面就是地瓜還有馬蹄, 然後也只有我一個人覺得不錯,
所以, 好像都是我一個人喝完的~~

Cousin Wong wanted to have clams, so we had clams~ This was stir fried with fermented soy beans and chili~ Good stuff~
一筆沙要吃蜆, 所以就叫了一個豉椒炒蜆. 沙吐得乾淨, 調味也不錯~

And finally, the famous crab~ This is not the usual type stir fried with fried garlic, I’m not even sure what the heck is the black thing… Since I didn’t really have any cuz I’m too lazy to pick out the meat… hahaha~ but of the little piece I had, it was good too~
這個是他們有名的古法避風塘炒蟹. 說真的, 我不曉得哪個黑黑的是什麼, 因為我懶惰, 我不想剝殼, 不想把手弄髒, 所以我只有吃一小塊. 不過雖然只有吃一小塊, 我可以跟你說, 他還真的滿好吃的咧~

Sunday Lunch we went to Lei Garden, one of the restaurants that received a Michelin Star last year. We didn’t go to the one that has the star, we went to the one at Elements instead, thinking that it would be impossible to get a seat at the starred restaurant.
禮拜天中餐吃的是利苑. 去年他們得到了米其林的星星, 不過不是我們去的這家啦, 因為我想那家應該擠到爆炸… 所以我們選擇了在Elements裡面的這家.

Can anyone tell me why there are two sets of chopsticks? One to get the food on your plate, and one to get the food on your plate to your mouth?
P1030197 P1030198
有人知道為什麼有兩雙筷子嗎? 是公筷母筷嗎?

This was surprisingly good~ It’s just bean sprouts and chicken on top with sauce. the noodle is crispy crispy~
這個是銀芽雞柳煎脆麵, 出乎意料的好吃, 至少我喜歡吃~ 脆脆香香的~

Like I said, crispy~~~~~

This is Jet’s favorite. It’s got the golden lava like filling made with eggs and cream and salted duck egg yolks. I’m not really sure how it compares to the others I’ve had before cuz I can’t really remember what the others tasted like.. but it’s good, and I think Jet would like this one too.
這個是傑特李的最愛, 流沙奶皇包. 會爆漿的喔~~~ 我不太記得其他我吃過的味道是如何, 所以無法比較, 不過滿好的, 傑特李應該也會很愛~

Here’re some picture for Jet to drool on. 所以以下的照片是專門給Jet流口水用的~
P1030207 P1030208 P1030209 P1030210 P1030211

The crystal dumplings are different from the one we have in Taiwan, the skin is actually clear so you can see what’s inside~
The one in the middle… is… umm….
The rice noodle rolls were good stuff too~ Better than any restaurant in Taiwan~
P1030205P1030212 P1030216
水晶餃的皮是透明的, 跟台灣的不太一樣. 鹹水餃我沒吃, 不曉得好不好吃~ 腸粉我喜歡~~~ 為什麼台灣的腸粉都做不好?~~~~

This is umm… a giant dumpling dunked in some soup… hahahaha~
P1030218 P1030219
蟹肉灌湯包, 我沒吃, 所以不曉得好不好吃~

This is a mango tapioca thing with chunks of mango and pulp of pomelo.
P1030222 P1030224
楊枝甘露 – 其實就是芒果西米露加上柚子~

This little Mercedes was covered in bling…

這台車… 很閃…

I’m hungry… so… good night…

So I bought a new camera to play with, it’s the Sony TX1. My first Sony camera.

Even though I am a Sony fan, and I have bought Sony computers, stereos, TV, walkman, laptops, home phones, mobile phones, playstation, playstaion 2, playstation 3, psp, and even batteries from them, but I never bought a Sony camera… Part of the reason was because, as much as I like the compact little cameras they make, the picture quality is, well, bad.  Actually, that goes for all the slim compact cameras… So when Sony came out with this new TX1 model, I wasn’t really paying too much attention, until I saw sample pictures from other users… It’s still not as good as my Panasonic LX3, but it’s good enough for most everyday situations~

Anyway, after 2 weeks of playing with it, here are some pictures to show what it can do. I used auto mode for all these pictures, letting the camera to choose what it think is the best aperture and shutter speed and iso and what not, really using it as a “point and shoot” camera.

This is at Man-Tang-Hong spicy hot pot.
DSC00078 DSC00080

This was at Kiki’s.
DSC00108 DSC00095 DSC00096 DSC00107

Took a trip to HK, again. Took the now infamous B-18211… and bet on horses at Happy Valley for the first time.
Do check out the panorama picture of the race track, there’s no need to take shots after shots while aligning them, it’s more like press the shutter and move to the direction you want as if you were shooting a video, and the camera will do the rest. Quite easy to use with excellent results.
DSC00121 DSC00123 DSC00129 DSC00137 DSC00143 DSC00149 DSC00152 DSC00153 DSC00155 DSC00164 DSC00166
DSC00174 DSC00193 DSC00195 DSC00203 DSC00209 DSC00212 DSC00216 DSC00220 DSC00221 DSC00222

Went to San-Wei-Shi-Tang again, cuz Kevin never been, and went to Da-An Park as well as the Jian-Guo Flower market.
I am not sure… but I don’t really think it’s a sand pit/box where those kids are playing in… They kinda just dug with their little shovels and played with dirt… while their parents watched on and took pictures and videos…
DSC00233 DSC00236 DSC00248
Found this new fruit, cross between orange and tangerine, pretty good~
DSC00239 DSC00243 DSC00249
The orange thing is suppose to be the world’s hottest pepper~
DSC00250 DSC00255 DSC00257

Also tried Ginger Duck for the very first time in my life. It’s pretty good, especially on a breezy night~
DSC00262 DSC00263 DSC00265 DSC00267 DSC00268 DSC00269

OK, that’s it. I think the TX1 is a good camera to carry around every day for random stuff you see, it’s not going to replace my LX3, nor your DSLR, but there’s no way in hell I would be able to fit the LX3 in the back pocket of my jeans…

This is dinner, the most important meal of the day… To Chinese people at least…

Andy, Hayden and I went to West Villa for dinner. I’ve read reviews about this place, and wanted to try it, and just so happens, Andy’s friend recommended this place when we were thinking about what to have for dinner. So here we go~

OK, I didn’t really get a shot of the inside of the restaurant, but it was… hmm… not important… However, you know this place ain’t your cheap cheap big plate of food place when you walk in, and to my surprise, most tables were empty! There were only about 3 sets of customers dining when we arrived, and from what I read, this place should be packed with a line waiting outside!!! Oh, and also, I thought this would be a family styled place where you have big tables with a bunch of people with a million dishes on top, but… some of the tables were just couples… hmmm…

Then, we saw the menu… Yeah, it ain’t cheap… most dishes were around 200 HKD, and some go up to 5-6000 HKD… Shark Fin, Abalone, Fish Maw… Yes, “Fish Maw”… if you don’t know what it is… Click Here
But in short, it’s the gas bladder in a fish… where fish uses it to control its buoyancy… a great source for “collagen”… It’s 5888 for a plate of a big ass maw! about double the size of my palm… How do I know? Cuz this couple next table ordered it… They also ordered, shark fin soup, abalone, beef, and something else… Estimating their check to be over 10,000 HKD…

OK OK, back to OUR dinner! So after we saw the menu, one question popped up… Where are all the Dim Sum and the Cantonese BBQ stuff?? Especially the famous Cha Shu!!! (Cantonese BBQ Pork) What the hell?! So Andy asked the waitress and then… They gave us another menu, which is exactly the same except with English and some pictures… Turns out, they only have dim sum on weekends and holidays… Bummer….

Alright, what about the Cha Shu?! Their cha-shu was made famous because of a certain HK action movie superstar (now famous around the world thanks to Hollywood) likes the stuff… We wanted it, but “SOLD OUT!!!” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~ The waitress explained that they only make a small batch a day, and usually sold out by dinner time, so be sure to call and reserve it next time we go for dinner…
(The waitress was really nice, as “someone” at our table kept on mentioning cha-shu in every sentence…
Waitress asks, “here’s our card, call before you come next time to check with us.”
H, saving the number in his phone, pretended dialing and said” I’m gonna call the chef now to see if there are still any cha-shu left.”
W: “how about chicken?”
H: “Cha Shu Chicken?”
W: “How about some dessert?”
H: “Are there Cha-Shu in it?”
after about 25 similar comments, she was still nice and patient enough to smile and laugh with us~ But then it’s probably just H’s charm that prevented her from blowing up in our faces~)

P1010636 P1010637

OK, enough about cha-shu… We ordered Beef Cubes with Fried Garlic Slices, Salt and Pepper Bombay Duck (Lizardfish), Clay Pot Rice with Pork Short Ribs and Bacalhau (salted fish), Fried Spring Chicken with innards, and a veggie dish that the waitress recommended Stir-fried Water Spinach (通菜, 空心菜) with Shrimp Paste.

The beef cubes were delicious, tender, juicy, and the garlic slices were crispy, sweet and fragrant~ and it doesn’t leave you with garlic breath after you have them~

The fish, YUM! It was crispy outside of course, and the fish itself is very delicate, melts in your mouth! At first I thought it’s undercooked, but then, after taking a closer look, it was fully cooked, and then I just kept on eating~P1010628

The rice, since it was cooked in the clay pot along with the pork and the fish, is very fragrant. The pork ribs were also very tender, but I didn’t try the bacalhau, but it’s flavors are all in the rice~ The little bowl of sauce, which I think is just sweet soy sauce, gives the rice a bit more taste which I liked~
P1010629 P1010630 P1010631

The chicken, it was also very juicy, even the breasts was nice and tender~ But it’s not exactly something that WOWs you… it’s good chicken, but then, it’s just chicken.

The water spinach, OK, this is an interesting dish…
First of all, as you must’ve noticed, it has no leaves… waitress says cuz this way, the texture is all crisp since the leaves wilts and softens after being cooked… Then, it’s cooked in a clay pot, still sizzling when it arrived at our table~ It was flavored with shrimp paste, which you can smell right a way, but you can barely taste it. It’s kinda weird, because shrimp paste is salty, so they probably only put a little bit in, so it gives the dish its smell, but… when you actually taste it, it’s… bland… and the water spinach… I am not sure if water spinach are all like this in HK, but in Taiwan, this ain’t it… So I say this dish is interesting, but I personally would not order it again…
Smells good, but… yeah…..

Over all, I like this place! A bit expensive for what it offers (minus the shark fin, abalone stuff…) but I would definitely go back again! Especially since I didn’t get to try the CHA-SHU!!!!!

Food 4/5
Service 4/5
Atmosphere 3.5/5
(I’m not very sure about the glass mirror covered pillars in a Chinesy decor…but it’s clean and bright)

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OK, yup, was in HK again~~

This time I managed to take an early flight so I can have lunch too! I took the Airport Express to Hong Kong (located inside the IFC), and met up with Andy. We were going to this place called… umm… I forgot… some wonton noodle place, but we were like the 40th customer waiting in line… So we went to this place… which I can’t remember the name of the restaurant either… Andy??!!

Anyway, we bumped into Ray, Andy’s friend, who is also from TW, and us 3 had lunch together.

OK, lunch.  The lunch sets are 148HKD, that includes a soup or salad, a drink (iced tea, lime soda, fountain soda), and a main course.
The soup of the day was Leek Potato Soup, which I liked, and their complimentary bread was also pretty good~

P1010608 P1010609 P1010610

The lime soda was lime with soda… and no refills, I think. It’s a bit sweet, but refreshing.

P1010612 P1010614

Andy ordered a Caesar Salad, I think it came with grilled chicken… I had the Open Face Steak Sandwich. I’m not sure what the fried egg was about, but the “coleslaw” was pretty good~ I’m not really sure what exactly it is… it kinda tasted like coleslaw, but it’s made with Napa cabbage instead of normal cabbage… but still good~ The sandwich itself was not bad either, the white sauce you see in between the steak and the bread was actually horseradish and mayo, which is quite nice.

One thing about it though, is that the “steak” isn’t really what I would call a steak…. it’s pretty thin… kinda not much thicker than the hamburger patties inside the Big Mac… And they should’ve cooked it no more than medium since it’s probably sirloin and not much fat in it… Don’t get me wrong, it’s not tough and chewy, it’s just I would prefer it a bit more bloody… hehehe~
P1010615P1010616 P1010618

Overall, I’d go back again, if I was working in the IFC, but I don’t, so I probably won’t be back for a long time, because… there are just too many good restaurants waiting for me to explore in HK!!! (like the one we have for dinner the same day! which will be posted shortly.)

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09-04-27 Hong Kong

Posted: April 28, 2009 in Food and drink, Hong Kong, Travel

Yes… I was in HK again…

This time, instead of staying at a hotel, I stayed with Andy and Hayden at their apartment in Mid-Level, HK.

Here are some pictures I took with my phone… Forgot to bring camera… so… quality is crap…
IMG_0838 IMG_0841
This the Hayden and Andy’s place~ Nice and big and comfy! Especially like the 47″ LCD from Sharp~ hahaha~
I also love their Kleenex! deco style~ Why don’t they have this in TW?? Why??!!!!!!
IMG_0843 IMG_0844
This is my welcome drink… actually, I had a coke before this.. hehehe… It’s a sparkling shiraz from Australia, and it’s quite good!
IMG_0846 IMG_0847 IMG_0849
This is their apartment, and we are heading out for dinner~ The building is about 50 yrs old, but the price… You don’t even wanna ask… and it’s filled with nice ass cars in the garage!
IMG_0850 IMG_0852
This is where we went, Under Bridge Spicy Crab~ It’s famous for spicy crab of course! Next time, no need to head all the way to Little Saigon, just come here!
IMG_0853 IMG_0855
IMG_0854 IMG_0858 IMG_0857
The chicken feet is very good~ the shrimp was deep fried, but the twist is the batter, is salty duck egg yolk! Yum! Their special house fried rice was excellent also~
IMG_0860 IMG_0862 IMG_0865
The garlic covered spicy crab is yum yum good! So are the steamed razor clams~
IMG_0869 IMG_0871
Look at the size of the claw~ I’m not sure what kind of crab this is… But it’s yummy and meaty!
IMG_0872 IMG_0875
After dinner, we headed back home, and yes, you’ll only see this in HK, an Audi R8 parked on the street behind a yucky truck…
IMG_0876 IMG_0878
This is their elevator, old eh? and it can only fit 3 people in there! that’s why I had to hold the camera high to get all of us in~
Hmm… I look like a retard…
IMG_0880 IMG_0881 IMG_0882 IMG_0884
OK, second day… This is Andy’s bag, it’s got a… Chinese methodology creature on it… I guess if you are a Prada fan, you’d know…
And these are just some random pictures I took on the way to brunch~
IMG_0883 IMG_0885 IMG_0886 IMG_0887 IMG_0888 IMG_0889
Oh yeah~ brunch at Tsui-Hua 翠華~ I have to say, this is one of the favorite restaurants in HK! Andy had a breakfast, me, on the other hand, since it’s my last meal in HK this trip, I can’t just order a breakfast! I have to have the fish ball noodle soup and of course, porkchop sandwich! I love Tsui-Hua!!!! Come to think of it… Maybe next time I’ll buy their I Love Tsui-Hua T-shirt!! hahahah~
IMG_0891 IMG_0892 IMG_0890IMG_0893 IMG_0894 IMG_0895 IMG_0897 IMG_0898
Alright, time to say good bye! Hayden came to see me off at the Airport Express station at Central, and that ends my quick trip to HK!
IMG_0899 IMG_0901

10/31 HK Trip

Posted: November 5, 2008 in Food and drink, Hong Kong, Macau, Travel

So, I was in HK again…

This time it was a four day trip including one day at Macao.
Got there on Sunday, Halloween, and it seemed like EVERYONE in HK are in LKF…
Second day’s main event was to go to SaiGon for seafood, third day went to Macao and last day for some last minute shopping…

So here it is in brief, for the complete set of pictures, it’ll be in the photo album…

After arriving in HK, we had a bit to eat and headed straight to LKF… and like I said… there were about a million people packed in the the area… and before you can get to LKF, you had to follow the crowd all the way down the hill, takes about… an hour at least to walk up there… and there’s no other way to get up there cuz of the traffic control…

P1020210 P1020232 P1020236 P1020241 P1020247 P1020252
Tsui-Hua is still the number one choice for boys and girls late at night…
Australia Milk Company
P1020279 P1020288 P1020291
Took the Little Express Bus from SaiGon back to Causeway Bay…
Temple Street, where we found out that one of us is a selfish bastard… something we all knew already… hahahahahaha~
P1020368 P1020390
The ferry to Macao… and did all the tourist stuff…
P1020407 P1020436
P1020449 P1020469
The famous tofu place and the famous egg tart place~
P1020482 P1020494
Underneath the Macao Tower
P1020508 P1020514
Venetian – Exact replica of the one in Vegas~
One of the few dimsum places that still have carts pushed around so you can pick what you want right at your table~
P1020539 P1020547 P1020553
Mystery purchase…

I was suppose to be back in Taipei on Saturday… but schedule change made me miss out on the typhoon but just in time to have a moon cake~
Here are some pictures of that night…

Over head panel… and the moon… I’m sure most of y’all didn’t get to see the big bright and round moon that night~
P1010953 P1010932 P1010935

There were two engines on the main deck, not sure who’s it is… and it was mounted on a FEDEX mount… so….
P1010937 P1010938 P1010939 P1010940 P1010941 P1010942
P1010943 P1010946 P1010948
So here’s the reason why we can’t bike/skate/run around in the cargo hold… it’s got tracks and stuff….

Got this moon cake from The Peninsula in HK… One of them is… umm… Some milky crust with a big egg yolk in it… and the other one is lotus seed paste with a small egg yolk… both pretty good… I think… There’re still a few, if you want to try, call me… hehehe
DSC01236 DSC01237 DSC01238 DSC01240 DSC01241 DSC01242 DSC01243