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Not much to say, just some pictures taken on and off the plane. I would like to move to Hawaii some day…

The first few pictures taken from the cockpit during sun raise somewhere over the Pacific. Times like these makes me feel better about my job… P1030384 P1030387 P1030391 P1030393 P1030407 P1030415

Approaching Hawaii
P1030419P1030420 P1030423P1030424

Waikiki Beach
P1030426P1030427 P1030428P1030430

Bye bye Honolulu, see you in three years!

Does anyone know what that truck/car is for?

I have no memory of this thing anymore… So I can’t tell you if it’s good or not…

09-09-18 KIX-LAX

Posted: September 17, 2009 in Food and drink, Japan, US

New route, Taipei – Kansei – LA, and it already became my favorite route!

P1020381 P1020382
My first meal in Osaka~ Didn’t go downtown this time, and I’m too lazy to explain why… So I took the bus in front of the hotel to Aeon Mall to do my food hunting and shopping. There are actually quite a few places to choose from at the mall, and I want to have them all!!! But sadly, my stomach is only this big and I only have one day… *sigh*

Anyway, back to my first meal. I figured since I’m in Japan, I gotta have some nigiri sushi~ So here’s what I had~
Japanese beef nigiri with fried crispy garlic on top, and otoro – fatty tuna~ YUM!
P1020341 P1020343
I also had squid and umm… some kind of umm… clam… shellfish… Both were quite good~
P1020344 P1020345

Then… I have to have RAMEN!!!!!!!!! The ramen shop I went also have spots in Taipei, but the difference is… This is in Japan!! hahaha~ And being in Japan… You can SMOKE!!! I love Japan!!!  What I ordered was a new ramen debuted a week before I was there. What’s so special was the noodles are different, it’s more… slippery? they call it RYUMEN… The soup is not the milky white pork bone soup, I think it’s chicken and fish broth… with fried onions to stimulate your sense of smell as well as taste. It’s a good bowl of ramen~~ The gyoza are quite good too~ but I’ve had better~
P1020346 P1020347
P1020348 P1020350
Oh, they actually have a little pamphlet that posts the dates that they will debut their special ramen, and are also outlined to show the time period that it will be offered. They actually have it scheduled to the year 2011… Amazing…
P1020352 P1020353 P1020354
For dinner, I went to the terminal to eat, and for 980 yen, I got the set dinner that has, chicken cutlet rice with egg and cold udon. Even though it’s a restaurant inside an airport terminal, it’s still very good! Unlike the food we have at the airport in Taiwan… So sad…

P1020389 P1020386
This is the walkway from the airport to the hotel. I have no idea what it’s for… But each lantern is printed with a name of a Japanese company… Anyone know what it’s for? or just simply a decoration…
I got this at Lawson’s, a convenient store downstairs from the hotel, it’s good stuff I tell you!!! The caramel is bitter, very bitter, which is perfect for what’s underneath it. Actually, underneath the caramel, it’s a think layer of white chocolate, then it’s the ice cream… Yum…
P1020395 P1020398 P1020401
This is the sandwich that we get on the plane. I didn’t think much until I realized the one on the side is not eggs, but pumpkin! It was very good too~~~ Why can’t the food at other stations be this good?!! WHY???!!!!!!
P1020406 P1020407

That actually ends the Japan portion of the trip… I will post what I bought in Japan later I guess… I bought a lot…

So then, the second portion of this trip is LA. Sophia came to the hotel to pick me up after her work, and we headed straight to… Monterey Park for….. Japanese food! More Japanese food, YEAH~~~
She was still in her scrub’s uniform, yeah, she interns at hospital now~

One thing I have to say about restaurants in LA, all of the “foreign” food, whether it’s Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Italian, are ALL better and more authentic than the ones in Taiwan… that’s one thing that really gets to me when I eat out in Taipei… though it’s improving, it’s still not good enough…

Alright, back to my dinner. I forgot the name of the restaurant, I will have to ask Sophia later. We ordered grilled chicken meatballs, gizzards, cartilage, cow tongue, quail eggs, and some I can’t remember… And we also had a tofu salad with ume sauce, and a chicken nabe that had a bunch of chicken meat balls and chicken meat in it. The soup was very very good~ thick and rich, just the way I like it~~ I also had a Calpico and of course beer to go with all this food~
P1020418 P1020419 P1020420 P1020421 P1020422 P1020424 P1020425 P1020426

Second day, Grace came to pick up her eyeliners, all 10 of them… and she took me out to have some Mexican food~ As with all Mexican restaurants, free chips and salsa~~ I ordered a lemonade to go with my meal, which is a breakfast burrito. Stuffed with apple smoked bacon, eggs, beans, and cheese. Topped with a scoop of guacamole, some sour cream and green salsa~ It’s yum yum good, and it’s so big, I couldn’t finish it… Why isn’t there a decent Mexican restaurant in Taiwan?

P1020427 P1020430
P1020433 P1020435

So, that’s my 4 day trip to Osaka and LA… I hope I get this route EVERY MONTH!!!