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Food is usually the reason why I drag my ass out of the hotel…

Singapore was surprisingly cooler than Taipei when I arrived that day.  After checking in at the hotel at 5 in the morning, I slept till noon and met up with Viv for my first meal of the day.
那天我到的時候才早上4點多, 到了旅館5點, 睡到中午剛好起來去吃中飯~

On the way to our first meal, we drove past the new Sands hotel and casino.  Which now reminds me, I thought we were going to check it out? What happened?
P1030073 P1030074
P1030075 P1030076
在去吃中飯的路上, 我們經過了新開的金沙賭場. 現在看到這個照片讓我想起來, 我們不是本來要去看看的嗎? 結果咧?

Lunch was a Ember, a umm… I’m not really sure what type of cuisine it was, Eurasian? Lunch is a 3-course meal, an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert for 38 SGD. Oh, it also comes with tea, coffee, or this fruity soda water thing.
中餐是在一家叫做Ember的餐廳. 應該算是歐亞創意料理吧? 中午一個人38塊錢, 可以選一道前菜, 一道主菜, 一道甜點. 有附麵包, 咖啡/茶/果汁.

Bread and butter, and the iced soda water thing~ The freshly baked bread has sun-dried tomatoes in it~
這個麵包是剛烤好的, 裡面是番茄乾~ 那杯是.. 果汁加蘇打水~
P1030097 P1030100 P1030086

Crab cake and soft shell crab. Both were good stuff~ and only now did I realize, that both were crabs~
P1030089 P1030090
前菜一道是蟹肉餅, 一道是軟殼蟹. 兩個都很好吃~
P1030095 P1030092

The main course, this was yam crusted veal loin. The outside was crispy, and veal was tender.
The coleslaw looking thing is suppose to be Japanese salsa, it’s mainly onions with a miso vinaigrette.
主菜是小牛肉, 外層是脆脆的番薯~ 那碗東西裡面是洋蔥絲, 紅蘿蔔絲還有什麼我也忘了的東西~ 然後用味噌油醋醬拌過. 還滿清爽的.
P1030104 P1030105

This is the 12 Hour Cooked Pork Belly. The round thing is apple.
The meat was very tender, and the skin was VERY crispy~
這道菜看起來像烤乳豬, 搞不好他就是~ 肉已經熟透了, 很軟嫩, 那個皮是超級脆~ 那個圓圓的是蘋果~
P1030106 P1030110

The dessert was apple tart with vanilla ice cream.
The apple tart was warm, and was very good~ Anyone know any restaurants similar to this in Taipei?
甜點是蘋果塔/派配香草冰淇淋. 這是現做的, 上來的時候還熱呼呼的~ 配上冰淇淋~ 讚~ 有沒有人知道台北有沒有這種類似的餐廳啊?
P1030121 P1030125

Then we went to the China Town in Singapore, where Viv discovered the market that sells Taiwanese stuff, like kimlan soy sauce and pickled bamboo shoots and stuff~
P1030127 P1030129 P1030130
然後我們去了新加坡的中國城找到了一家有賣台灣東西的超市, 所以以後Vivian不用再從台灣帶金蘭醬油回去了~
P1030131 P1030132

This is the Hai-Nan Chicken Rice at Lucky Plaza.
According to Viv, this is the only place that does both the rice and and chicken the right way. I have to say, it was great stuff~ The rice was flavorful and the chicken was tender, but why is it all white meal? Chickens in Singapore don’t have legs?
P1030135 P1030140
這家在Lucky購物商場二樓裡面的海南雞飯是很多人推薦的咧~ Viv說有的地方的飯做得好, 但是雞肉不好, 有的地方的雞肉好吃, 但是飯不好吃. 這家是目前他們吃過唯一一家兩樣都弄得有水準的地方~ 確實是很好吃, 不過, 為什麼都是雞胸肉啊? 新加坡的雞都沒有腿的嗎?
P1030137 P1030139

I forgot what this new mall is called… it’s got like all the big name brands in it~
P1030143 P1030146
我忘了這個地方叫什麼, 反正是一家什麼名牌都有的新開的百貨公司~

And for the last meal of the day, we had the coconut rice.
The rice was cooked with coconut milk or something, it’s very fragrant. When you order, they give you a pile of rice, and you pick out what you want to go with it from a variety of fried stuff. The fried chicken was very crispy and juicy, I like it. The thing wrapped in the green leaf was minced mackeral with spices called “Otah”. It’s almost like a paste, but you can still kind of feel the texture of fish meat in your mouth. The drink was barley water, barley broiled in water… so it’s kinda like a soup? but it’s a drink… hmm… anyway, it’s a pretty good drink to go with the fried and spicy stuff~
P1030150 P1030151 P1030153
然後我們到了一家很有名的椰漿飯的地方. 飯聞起來很香的咧~ 配菜幾乎都是油炸的東西, 他們的炸雞很好吃~ 很脆又多汁~ 另外一個比較特別的就是那個用葉子包起來的東西, 它叫做Otah. 裡面是鯖魚磨成泥加入香料, 吃起來很有南洋風味, 還不錯啦~ 然後配上冰冰涼涼的薏仁水很搭喔~
P1030155 P1030157 P1030158

At the airport, there were a few 747-SP parked at the apron. 747-SP is a shortened version of the 747. Boeing produced these to meet the demand of an airplane for the “long and thin” routes back in the 1970’s. Airlines wanted planes for the routes that are too lengthy for the DC-10 and MD-11’s but needed lesser seats than a standard 747. So the 747-SP (Special Performance) was produced to filled the gap in the market.
It’s quite cute I think~ haha~  From the left, it’s the 747-400 cargo, and then the 747-SP, You can see the SP is much shorter, but with the same big head and tail~
第二天要離開的時候, 看見機場裡面停了好幾台747-SP. 他是波音在70年代為了市場需求縮短了正常版的747而來的型號. 主要是用來飛DC10/MD11飛不到, 但是又不需要747那麼多位子的航線. 照片裡面你可以看到左邊是新航的747-400貨機, 再來就是747-SP. 一樣的頭跟尾, 但是就是短了了很多, 還滿可愛的咧~

Hmm… I don’t feel like writing anything today, so… I guess that’s it~!

There are flights that you have to request, or you’ll never see them on your schedule…

Being a freighter pilot, I deliver goods all over the world. This time, I requested to go to Singapore to deliver this water filter, so that Vivian and Frank won’t go bald…

This was my first meal in Singapore, Laksa with lemon juice. It’s actually not lemon, it’s kumquat, all citrus… The laksa was pretty good, has cockles in it along with squid and.. something else I can’t remember.. haha~ I like it better than the ones in Penang.
中餐吃的是叻沙加檸檬汁. 說是說檸檬汁, 其實它是金桔汁. 叻沙裡面有血蛤, 花枝… 其他的忘了…. 好吃~ 我比較喜歡吃這裡的叻沙… 檳城的… 我不喜歡…
DSC01320 DSC01321

Then we went to the zoo. Yes, the zoo… It’s like 31 degrees and forecasted to have thunderstorm in the afternoon. But we went anyway. It’s actually very interesting, because instead of cages, they use deep drops, moats, so it looked as if there are no barriers between the visitors and the animals~
下午我們去了動物園. 31度的高溫, 溼度應該有80%以上, 然後還下了一個多小時的雷雨… 不過, 這個動物園跟其他的不一樣的是, 他們的動物都不是關在籠子裏面的~ 他們都是用深坑, 或者小河, 把動物跟人隔離, 但是看起來很像你就走在他們旁邊咧~
DSC01324 DSC01325 DSC01330 DSC01339 DSC01344 DSC01345 DSC01353 DSC01371 DSC01378 DSC01388

After walking around in the zoo, we rested for about an hour… actually we stood around for an hour, to wait for the Night Safari to open. We first walked around the trails and paths, then took the tram around the park. I dozed off on the tram… The Night Safari is also set up the same way as the zoo, obviously, they have more noctornal animals, and the paths are narrower, trees everywhere, a few lamps here and there but the lights are mostly blocked by the trees, can’t really see the sky, it really felt like you are walking in the jungle, at night.
The fruit bat and flying squirrel were actually caged in, so they don’t fly off, but, you get to walk into the cage… and you see them right next to you! You are not allowed to touch them though, not that I would, because fruit bats, or any bat, are just giant rats with wings!!! Gave me goose bumps seeing them flying around me… good thing they have excellent night vision (I think), so they don’t fly into you…
動物園逛完之後, 我們又繼續去了
夜間動物園. 跟日間的很像, 不過夜行動物比較多, 然後人走的地方更窄, 然後樹更多幾乎看不到天空, 感覺真的就像是在森林裡面走路, 黑漆漆的, 有零零散散的燈, 不過都被樹葉遮住, 但是可以勉強看到路…
大部分的動物跟日間動物園一樣, 是沒有柵欄的, 除了飛鼠還有蝙蝠之外…. 不過… 你可以走進去… 然後你就會看到你旁邊的樹上掛著蝙蝠… 入口的地方有個牌子寫著禁止觸摸… 但是.. 誰要摸他們啊!!! 蝙蝠根本就是有翅膀的超級大老鼠!!! 超噁的~~~ 然後他們還在你的頭上, 前面, 後面, 左邊, 右邊, 飛來飛去!!! 還好他們的眼睛好… 不然他們如果撞到我, 我肯定會挫屎….

DSC01393 DSC01403 DSC01416 DSC01427 DSC01430

After walking around all day, we went to the East Coast, where there are a bunch of seafood restaurants with outdoor seating next to the beach, and had dinner. The egg tofu was good, the stir-fry rice noodles were good, and the chili crab was good~ All good, except next time I’m gonna order pepper crabs, cuz the chili sauce is just messy!!! but it was finger lickin’ good~
走完一整天的路之後, 我們去了東海岸的一個地方吃飯. 那邊有好多家餐廳連在一起, 然後都有戶外的位子. 因為就在海邊, 所以”感覺”沒有那麼熱… 那個玉子豆腐好吃, 那個古法乾炒河粉好吃, 那個辣椒螃蟹, 好吃~ 都好吃, 不過下次我要點胡椒螃蟹, 因為那個辣椒的sauce雖然好吃, 但是會吃的髒兮兮的…

DSC01434 DSC01439

These were taken with my iPhone, crap quality, cuz I left the camera in the car…
This was lunch the next day. We went to Santouka Ramen, at Clarke Quay. I have had this before, in San Diego, and it was very good. However, I don’t think the ones in the states has the pig cheek they have here. It was yummy~~~ Frank and I had the same thing, Viv only had gyoza and fried chicken. All were excellent~
下面的照片是用iPhone照的… 因為我的相機掉在車上…
第二天的中餐是去Clarke Quay那邊吃火頭山拉麵~ 我在美國吃過, 好吃~ 不過美國沒有我這次叫的臉頰肉~ 很嫩很好吃~~~ 煎餃跟炸雞也好吃~


Clarke Quay is a river front shopping/dinning area. There are boat tours and river taxies. There are a bunch of restaurants, bars, lounges along the river, nice place to bar hop. The Clinic C, is a hospital themed bar, you sit in wheelchairs with those operation room light over your head, interesting~ but they only open at nights… so maybe next time~
這個Clarke Quay就是那條河, 然後兩岸都是餐廳, 商店, 酒吧. 腕上比較熱鬧. 河上還有導覽船跟水上計程車. 中間那個Clinic C, 是一家醫院主題的酒吧, 那個燈就很像那個手術房的燈, 然後客人會坐在輪椅上喝酒~ 不過因為他晚上才開, 所以下次吧~
IMG_1722 IMG_1732 IMG_1730

In the distance, the three building connect on the top with what looks like a big freighter, is the new Sands casino and hotel. The platform on top of the building is suppose to be a garden or something… I guess we’ll find out soon, when it opens in June.
遠遠的那三棟大樓, 就是6月要開幕的新賭場. 樓頂上面有個像是貨輪的平台把三棟大樓連接在一起, Frank說好像會是個空中花園. 至於還有什麼, 就等他開了去看看就知道囉~

That’s all I have now, for the rest of the pictures, check out the full album via the link below~
就這樣, 其他照片, 點下面的連結看囉~~

7/1 Singapore

Posted: July 2, 2008 in Food and drink, Singapore, Travel

This was my first time in Singapore…

After over a year of flying around, I finally got a chance to fly to Singapore.
The hotel, is.. umm.. Something Roxy Something… Who cares..
Rooms are big, and it’s a smoking room.. yippie~
Anyway, I let pictures do the talking… with side notes of course…

P1010339 P1010342
My room, it’s pretty big, and the outside of the hotel.

I arrived at 4 AM, and so I slept till… 2 PM… So the first thing on the list is.. to EAT!
So Vivian took me to this place… I can’t remember the name of the place… which suppose to have great chicken rice~
This is the shop, just Chicken Rice

This is the sauce… and our coconut…

P1010347 P1010352
Our free soup, it has bitter melon and chicken feet and chicken and pork I think…

P1010350 P1010348
This is the chicken, it’s quite yummy, and the pickled veggies have pineapples in it~

This is the building where the shop is located at…

P1010354 P1010355
Now it’s just random shots of the streets…  actually… just Orchard Street…

P1010356 P1010361
It has like a million shops on the street, and I guess if you love shopping…
However, I hear it’s more expensive than HK… so…

P1010362 P1010365
Then we went to the Swissotel Stamford, it’s near… umm… No idea… and we went up to this place…
it’s on the 70th floor, so it’s got a great view of Singapore.

P1010367 P1010369
Streets of Singapore.. I hav to say.. it’s prettier than night view of Taipei…
I’m not sure if you can see it, but if you click on the pic on the right…
You’ll see a street that’s lit up with white lights instead of yellow lights…
That’ll be your racetrack for the first ever Formula One race held at night!

P1010372 P1010374 P1010375
This cocktail is called the Merlion… and of course, Tiger beer~

P1010376 P1010378
More night shots of the city~

P1010383 P1010384
Then we went to check out the Merlion… only to find out that.. it’s under construction….

P1010389 P1010391
You can see the world’s largest Ferris Wheel…

P1010392 P1010395
Merlion from another angle…

P1010399 P1010404
There’s this smaller one and made with porcelain, actually, it’s covered in broken porcelain…
The building is called… Umm… crap.. can’t remember…
Oh yeah, the Fullerton Hotel.. hahaa.. Looks grand…

P1010424 P1010406
Then it’s dinner time… We went to the Maxwell Food Centre…
The locals call these kind of places Hawker Centre… Not sure why…
And the public toilets costs 10 Cents to get it…

P1010408 P1010409
It’s just like any other food court… It was already 9 I think… so many shops closed…

P1010410 P1010423
This was some kind of a clam thing… On the Sign it says Cockle…
it was just water boiled and it was not bad and all that for only 3 bucks!

P1010412 P1010416
And of course, the Meat Bone Soup, but I thought… wasn’t it suppose to be dark?
We didn’t order Popiah, cuz it’s just like the Taiwanese veggie wraps you see in night markets…

P1010414 P1010415
This is Rojak, it’s.. a weird looking and weird tasting thing… Very interesting actually…
It’s got umm… Pineapple, Cucumber, Green Mango, Radish/Pear?, and some kind of fried dough…
All mixed in with a sweet soy sauce, crushed peanuts and a bit spicy thing in it… not sure what gives it’s spiciness…
And of course, a bowl of water for you to drink… I mean, wash your hands after you open up the clams…

Last but not least, Laksa, tastes like… Laksa….
And Carrot Cake with eggs, not bad eating~

Anyway, so that concludes my one day.. well, half day trip in Singapore~
Thanks to Vivian to show me places, and Tommy for the drinks!
I will definitely go back sometimes, because…