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You know how some activities will be held not matter rain or shine? I don’t think barbecue is one of them.

I remember I used to barbecue 4 times a week while I was in college. The good ol’ days~ I think this is my first barbecue in Taiwan since… umm… elementary school… Japanese yakiniku restaurant excluded.
以前還是死大學生的時候, 一個禮拜可以烤肉烤到4次, 這次大概是我繼小學之後, 第一次在台灣烤肉. 日本燒烤不算.

The place is called, 千戶傳奇, it’s actually a farm, for fishes. So, rain, yes, it was raining, at one point, it was raining hard. But that didn’t stop us from grilling some delicious meats~ Cuz we got a roof over our heads… Hahaha~ It was fun, we should do it again, just not during summer… at least not the summer in Taiwan…
我們去的地方叫做"千戶傳奇", 他其實是個農場, 養魚的農場. 我們到的時候, 在下小雨, 烤到後來開始下大雨. 還好我們是在涼亭內烤, 不然應該很難烤熟. 還滿好玩的, 下次有機會再來辦一次, 只要不是辦在夏天就好.

After 3 hours of intense grilling, we cleaned up and went to visit their fish farm. 
烤了三小時之後, 我們東西收收, 就跑去參觀他們的農場.

These are Paddlefish, they have a nose that shaped like a duckbill, interesting fish~ According to the worker there, they are very tasty, and expensive, costs about 40 USD per pound.  I’m interested… hehehe The pond with the red and orange fish is Koi, or carp.
這個是鴨嘴魚, 因為他們長得好像有鴨子的嘴巴, 很有意思的魚. 農場的工作人員說, 這種魚非常好吃, 價格不菲, 一斤大約要1500元, 隨便一條成年的大概要7,8千. 我還滿想吃吃看的…


P1030604P1030609 IMG_0507IMG_0509P1030605P1030606
This is sturgeon. If you’ve had caviar before, you’ve had it’s egg. It’s pretty big, but they can grow up to at least twice the size of the one in the picture. That’s a lot of caviar…
這個是鱘龍魚. 有吃過魚子醬吧? 就是這種魚的蛋. 這魚很大, 照片裡的還算是小的咧~

P1030614P1030610 P1030611P1030615
This is another type of sturgeon. This one can grow up to 10 meters, weigh 1,000 kilos, and live to 150 years old. Amazing right?
這是另外一種鱘魚, 中華鱘. 他們可以長到10公尺長, 一千公斤, 而且可以活到150歲.

After the tour of the fish farm, we headed to the old streets of 三峽.
看完魚之後, 我們就跑去了附近的三峽老街.

Saw this little shop selling pork blood rice cake with people lining up in front of it. So of course, we tried. It was pretty good~ FYI, he’s there on weekends only.
經過這家店的時候, 有一堆人在排隊, 那我們當然要湊個熱鬧買一隻來吃囉~ 還滿不錯的, 如果你有興趣, 老闆只有周末才有賣哦!

I also had these. Strawberry yogurt soft serve, a pineapple popsicle, and a cherimoya flavored popsicle. Yum! Actually, the soft serve was just ok… but it’s a tourist thing, since it’s in the famous horn shaped pastry that they sell here in 三峽.
後來又接連吃了, 草莓優格霜淇淋, 鳳梨枝仔冰, 還有釋迦枝仔冰. 好吃~ 不過我必須說那個霜淇淋還好, 主要是為了那個參與感, 因為他是用三峽有名的牛角裝的~
IMG_0520IMG_0528 IMG_0536IMG_0538

Today was 豆豆’s 10-month birthday

Tonight we went to The Sherwood Hotel for dinner, and the theme for July and August at B-One is American Beef~ In addition to regular stuff they have at the buffet, there’s also roast beef, shabu-shabu Wagyu beef and steamed crimson crab (or spanner crab). I could careless for the crab, but I love beef~~~
今天的晚餐我們去的是西華飯店的B-One,  他們七八月的主題是美國牛肉~ 所以除了他們平常那一堆菜色之外, 現在有烤牛肉, 美國極黑牛, 還有旭蟹. 我不是很愛旭蟹, 不過我愛美國牛肉~~~~

Since Jet, Nicole, Ann, and David were on their way back to civilization from Tai-Dong, Ryan and Ariel in Xin-Zhu, tonight is just Alan, Annie, 豆豆, Jay, and me. When I made the reservation, they know that there will be a kid with us, so they were nice enough to set up a baby chair and a set of colorful plastic utensils for 豆豆~
P1030174 P1030160
Jet, Nicole, Ann 跟 David 都還在從台東回台北的天空上, Ryan 跟 Ariel 跑去新竹, 所以今天只有Alan, Annie, 豆豆, Jay, 還有我. 我定位的時候有跟他們說會有個小朋友, 所以我們到的時候他們已經準備好了小孩椅, 還有一套塑膠的餐具給豆子咬/丟/摔/敲/玩~

豆豆 here is pointing at the ceiling lights, cuz now he actually understands “lights”, so when you say lights to him, he starts to look and point at all the lights~ Smart boy~
P1030161 P1030162 P1030163
豆子現在聽得懂”電燈”, 所以當他娘說電燈的時候, 他就會抬頭把所有的他看得到的電燈指一遍~

OK, food. The roast beef was oven roasted, but has a slight smoky flavor to it, I guess they roast it with woodchips? From their website, it says that they use a chunk of New York Strip, so it doesn’t has as much fat as rib eyes, but they did a good job and kept it medium rare, oh yum! They do offer two sauces, a mushroom gravy and a black pepper sauce. I just sprinkled some sea salt on it, and it was great~~ So I would recommend to use sea salt only, maybe a bit pepper, but that’s it, unless… unless you don’t like the smell of beef… but then again, if you don’t like beef, then don’t even go and waste your money.. haha ~
今天的主題是牛肉, 這個是烤牛肉, 帶著一點炭烤煙燻的味道, 我喜歡~ 這塊他們說是紐約客牛排, 所以沒有肋眼那麼多肥油, 但是他們烤的大概3-4分熟, 剛剛好~ 他們有提供蘑菇醬還有黑胡椒醬, 不過我是只有撒一點海鹽就很好吃了~ 所以我建議吃原味~ 除非… 你不喜歡牛肉的味道… 但是如果你不喜歡吃牛肉, 你也不用去了… 浪費錢… 哈~

The Waygu beef was done by placing thinly sliced raw beef and pour piping hot soup on top~ It’s just like Pho!~~ hahaha ~ The beef was tender and sweet, the soup was nice too~ but I think as more customers poured in, they forgot to add salt to the soup, but I thought it was still good~~
P1030172 P1030173

這個美國極黑牛的作法是把生的肉片, 應該是牛小排, 放在碗裡, 然後用滾燙的牛肉湯倒上去把它燙熟, 跟越南河粉一樣~~~ 湯很好喝, 肉很嫩, 不過除了第一碗的湯之外, 其他好像似乎因為人越來越多, 他們忘記放鹽… 不過我覺得這樣更好, 可以吃到牛肉的甜, 而且那個湯其實不太需要調味, 已經很鮮了~

The crab was fresh, but I don’t really like to eat crabs that are not Dungeness crabs, snow crabs, or king crabs… cuz it’s just too much work… Unless I’m having them at home, cuz otherwise, it takes so much time to eat it and your hands will get dirty… hahahah~ There’s also lamb chops, pork ribs, sushi, nigiri, shirmps, sashimi, and a bunch of other stuff. Oh, the stir fried pumpkin rice noodles was good too~ I didn’t take pictures of any of the other stuff though… So you’ll just have to go and check it yourself~
OK, 旭蟹還滿新鮮的, 不過螃蟹裡面我比較喜歡吃的只有唐金蟹, 鱈場蟹, 還有帝王蟹, 因為其他的… 都太麻煩了… 除非是在家慢慢吃, 不然餐廳裡面還會吃的一整手的味道… 其實其他還有羊排, 豬肋排, 生魚片, 蝦子, 什麼有的沒的一大堆. 喔, 他們的金瓜米粉還不錯~ 不過其他的我都沒有照相, 所以要看就自己去吃吧~

OK, here’re more pics of 豆哥 trying to take a bite into his book~
P1030168 P1030175 P1030176 P1030177 P1030178 P1030183
Here he is showing his new found talent, while sucking on his thumb, he uses the index finger, of the same hand, to pick his nose! Hahahaha~ So talented! He’s definitely going to grow up and be the savior of  mother Earth and the peacekeeper of the universe!!!
P1030179 P1030180 P1030181 P1030182
最近豆子學會了一面吸拇指, 一面用同一隻手的食指挖鼻孔~~ 真是才華洋溢阿~ 他以後一定會拯救地球維護宇宙和平的~~~

Oh, and did I mention that I LOVE AMERICAN BEEF?!! hahaha ~

Spanish cuisine is a rarity in Taiwan.

Tonight’s restaurant of choice is Bacco Tapas. Located next to Far Eastern Plaza Hotel on Tun-Hua South Rd. Same owners of Bacco, the lounge bar on An-He Rd. I been meaning to give it a try for a while, but I my list of restaurants to try got way too long, and I kept on forgetting to come here.
今天的晚餐是在一家叫做Bacco Tapas的餐廳. 他就在遠企旁邊的巷子裡面. 安和路上面的Bacco跟他是同一個老闆. 我很久以前就想去試試看了, 只是我那個餐廳的名單一直在擴增, 所以一直忘記要去吃吃看.

Anyway, Tapa, means “lid” or “cover” in Spanish. It has a few origins on how it became a type of food, you can Google it yourself if you’re interested. Tapas is just appetizers, or snacks, that could be served cold like olives, and cheese, or warm, like fried baby squids. Portions are small, so you can order a whole bunch and make it into a meal, or just order a few and chat away with friends over a drink or two, or three…  I guess you can also call them finger food or bar food, since it’s often served in a bar.
Tapa在西班牙文裡面的意思是”蓋子”的意思, 那怎麼會變成一種食物的名稱咧? 有興趣的話, 請自己Google一下… Tapas基本上就是開胃菜, 點心的意思, 他有很多很多很多很多種, 有冷的像橄欖, 起司之類的, 也有熱的像是炸小章魚這樣的點心. 份量都是小小的, 你把它當作是晚餐然後點一大堆, 也可以跟朋友聊天喝幾杯的時候點個幾種來配著吃.

OK, so here we are, Bacco Tapas.
P1030012 P1030011
OK, 外觀~

I made a reservation for 8 tonight, so we got a table, but if it was just a couple of people, bar seating is a nice choice~
我今天定了八個人的位子, 所以我們是坐桌子, 他們也有包廂, 如果人少, 坐吧台也是個好選擇~
P1030032 P1030046
P1030036 P1030044 P1030037

The olives are great, I liked it a lot, there are green ones, black ones, and I’m not sure, but I think there are little pearl onions in it too~ I was too hungry… oh, and there are tiny pickles too~

Those are mushrooms on top of the bread drizzled with red wine vinegar.

The baby squids were marinated in red wine vinegar as well. They were good too~
P1020973 P1020980 P1020976
醃橄欖很好吃~~~ 裡面有綠的, 黑的, 還有醃黃瓜跟好像是超級小洋蔥的東西~

麵包上面的是什麼菇我忘了, 反正就是菇類~ 然後那個黑黑的醬是紅酒醋, 甜甜酸酸的, 很好吃~

這個小章魚也是用紅酒醃的~ 也是個好吃的小點~

Deviled eggs. The way they made it was to take out the yolk, and mix it with spices and stuff back in along with shrimp and olives and maybe there are other things, but again, I was too hungry, but I can tell you it’s good!

The spinach omelet was also pretty good, but not a must, whereas the deviled eggs is a must~
P1020978 P1020981 P1020982
這個是魔鬼蛋. 真是好吃~~ 他們把水煮蛋的蛋黃挖出來拌入香料然後再填回去, 再加上蝦子, 橄欖. 一口吃下去還真是不錯咧~~ 我喜歡~

波菜烘蛋也不錯, 口感紮實但是不會乾乾的, 不過… 我會多點一個魔鬼蛋來代替~ 哈~

The fried spicy chicken was tender, you can taste the spices, but it’s mild enough to suit everyone’s taste buds.

The garlic mushrooms is made with fresh button mushrooms. Again, it’s good, but not a must, comes with bread to soak up the sauce~

The Angler Fish Liver was excellent~ Soft and tender, melts in your mouth, Oh YUM! If you like fish liver, you have to try this~
P1020984 P1020986 P1020993
香辣炸雞很嫩, 你可以吃的出他是辣的, 但是是微微的辣, 應該是不吃辣的人都可以接受的~

香蒜磨菇是用新鮮洋菇做的, 有附麵包讓你可以沾著他的汁來吃. 好吃, 但是我覺得不是必點的~

鮟鱇魚肝 – 真的美味~ 如果你喜歡吃魚肝, 你一定要點這道~ 滑嫩, 入口即化~

Stewed Ox Tail was so tender, the meat just fell off the bones~ It comes with the hand made bread/pita thing to scoop up the sauce and the onions in the bowl~

The duck breast… I ate too fast, but I’m almost sure it was just grilled lightly while keeping the center rare, but then again… duck meat is kinda red… Sliced, and topped with a sweet blueberry sauce. I like it a lot~~ So tender and the sauce was great too~
P1020991 P1020988 P1020998
燉牛尾這道菜牛尾燉的軟爛, 肉直接從骨頭上掉下來, 有附上手工的餅讓你來沾/挖醬料理面的洋蔥蔬菜吃~

鴨胸… 它應該是稍微煎烤過, 裡面還是半生熟的, 切片之後再淋上藍莓做的醬汁, 酸酸甜甜, 肉質很嫩, 我自己很愛這道菜~

OK, Paella, the main course. This is the medium size serving that’s meant for six people. Or two hungry people… or maybe just Jay… hahaha~ It has obviously, six big shrimps, fresh~ Mussels, clams, squids, sausage, and one more thing that I didn’t get in my scoop. When you order, the waitress will ask if you want it to be cooked a bit longer cuz if you ever had risotto or paella or even pasta in OTHER countries, the rice/pasta will be cooked on the outside, but the inside still retains a bit of a bite to it.  It’s not raw, it’s cooked through, but still firm so it’s got texture to it. OK, enough with that, the paella was excellent, but wasn’t it suppose to be golden yellow colored? Maybe they ran out of saffron.. hahaha~ but delicious nonetheless~

The Seafood Pasta was also cooked al dente, and again, the seafood was fresh, it’s a basic garlic white wine sauce I think, light and flavorful, but next time, I’d order a large paella instead~ cuz it’s more Spanish… hahaha~
P1030006 P1030043
主菜, 海鮮飯. 這份是中的, 大約是給六個人分著吃的, 或者兩個餓人, 或者一個Jay… 哈哈哈~ 這盤飯裡面總共有六隻蝦, 淡菜, 花枝, 香腸, 蛤蠣, 還有一個是什麼我沒有吃到… 當你點這道菜的時候, 服務生會問你要不要煮久一點, 比較”符合國人口味”… 如果你有在其他國家吃過燉飯, 海鮮飯, 或者麵的話, 你就知道其實他們都會把飯/麵煮到中心還有一點點硬, 讓你在吃的時候有多一層的口感, 這個叫做 al dente, 你要翻成彈牙也可以啦~ 如果你不習慣的話, 你會覺得他沒有煮熟, 不過如果你接受度高的話, 建議你試試看這種道地的”彈牙”口感~  不過不曉得是番紅花放得不夠還是用完了, 顏色沒有那麼的鮮豔, 但是我覺得影響不大, 還是好吃~

這盆海鮮麵也是煮到”彈牙”, 裡面有什麼我已經忘了, 主要是海瓜子還有蝦子吧~ 都是新鮮的材料, 配上清淡的.. 應該是大蒜洋蔥番茄白酒的醬汁吧? 很清爽~ 不過下次我再來的時候, 我會點比較大份的海鮮飯, 畢竟海鮮飯比較西班牙~~ 哈哈哈~

Overall, it’s a nice restaurant with a variety of tapas to choose from. The atmosphere is casual, the services were good. I can’t really say if the tapas are authentic Spanish or not, since I’ve only been to the ones in the States but not in Spain, but the ingredients are fresh, and flavored nicely, worth a try~ Great for a light dinner with a couple glasses of Sangria, or a place to have couple of drinks and snacks before your main meal.

But of course you can order a whole bunch to have it as your dinner, however, remember to bring your credit card~ It’s priced higher than most restaurants especially since the portions are small, but I thought it was within a reasonable range given that all the ingredients were fresh. Besides, it’s not meant to be an all-you-can-eat buffet anyway~ There are still a whole bunch of stuff that we didn’t try, and yes, I’d go back again.

整體來說, 他們的氣氛, 服務都不錯, 還有很多的tapas的選擇, 說真的, 我沒有辦法評論這些小點/點心跟西班牙的有什麼差別, 因為我也只有在去過美國的tapas bar但沒有去過西班牙的, 不過他們的材料都很新鮮, 調味也適合我, 值得去試試看~ 我覺得很適合下班後來喝個一杯, 吃點小東西, 在續攤去吃晚餐, 或者你晚餐不想吃太多, 來吃點小東西喝個兩杯Sangria也很舒服~

當然啦, 你也可以點一堆東西來吃到飽, 不過請帶你的信用卡~ 因為這裡的價位屬於比較中高的價位, 尤其又以他們的份量來說, 他們算是不便宜. 不過我是覺得不會到無法接受的地步, 畢竟他們的材料用的不錯又新鮮, 而且他本來也不是要讓你大吃大喝的地方~ 今天吃完後, 他們菜單上還有很多東西我們沒有吃到, 所以我還會再回去的~~~

Bacco Tapas 西班牙料理

When a shop says last order at 9, shouldn’t they open till at least one hour after that time?
當一家餐廳它的最後點菜時間是9點的時候, 你不覺得他們應該至少一個小時後再打烊嗎?

Jet came into town with wife and kid the other night and wanted to have dinner. Somehow we ended up in a burger place near my house, Bravo. Opened not too long ago, but it’s actually their second location.
老李昨天進城來逛街, 看看都市的繁華然後順便一起吃晚餐. 我們最後我家附近的Bravo漢堡店坐了下來, 這是他們第一家分店. 總店好像是民權附近吧~

So far, I’ve had burgers at TGIF, Chilis, Gordon Biersch, Trader Vic’s, and some other random places in Taipei. Nothing really compares to the burgers I had in the States, but that’s the price you have to pay for living in Taiwan…  and I’m usually reluctant to try new burger place unless it’s some sort of a chain from the States, cuz otherwise it usually sucks… Anyway, back to Bravo…
到目前為止, 我還吃過滿多家的漢堡, GB, TGIF, Chilis, Trader Vic’s, 還有一些有的沒的地方. 我總是覺得美國的還是比較好吃… 不過住在台北有這些地方已經算是不錯了. 還有就是通常我不太相信除了美國連鎖之外的漢堡店… 因為通常都不怎麼樣…

Bravo opened up this new shop a few months ago, and it’s always packed during lunch and dinner. From what I can see, by walking past it every now and then, its main customers are college kids… 18-22, 25 at the most bah… They are the people who makes up the demographic profile in our society that I distrust the most when it comes to food… That and the fact that many restaurants in Taiwan likes to make whatever they are selling to suit the taste buds of the locals… it really bothers me… I don’t mind if they make it tastes better but usually it’s not the case… oh man… I’m gonna stop here otherwise this will turn into an article bitching and complaining and whining about this…
發福廚房在市民大道上面這家已經開了幾個月了吧, 每到用餐時間總是有一群人擠在裡面還有外面. 每次經過, 我發現他們的主要客群大概就是18-20出頭的大學生… 在台灣兩千三百萬的人口中… 這群人對食物的評論與喜好, 是我最無法信任與認同的… 還有就是我之前就說過的台灣的餐廳很喜歡把所有東西本土化… 然後就會有符合國人口味的外國食物出現… 這個我真得很無力… 如果變好吃就算了… 通常不是這樣, 而且會搞得跟原本的根本不一樣… 好了, 我必須在此停住, 不然這整篇會變成抱怨文…

So, back to burger…

This is Jet & Nicole’s daughter, David’s self claimed god daughter. She looks just like Nicole!!!
P1020837 P1020838
這個是李氏夫婦的女兒, 胡大衛自己認的乾女兒… 跟李太長的一模一樣!!!

This is fried chicken fingers. It’s actually pretty good with the honey mustard sauce.
這個炸雞柳條還不錯, 它的那個蜂蜜芥茉也好.

The rest of what we ordered. Basically they have about… 8 different choices? but you can always build your own, and have the options of substitute the beef patty with chicken, buns with lettuce. You also get a side order from the following items, onion rings, french fries, fried mushrooms, and fried potato wedges. Onion rings are alright, didn’t have the french fries, the fried mushrooms tastes like the ones you can get in night markets, and the potato wedges are not too shabby either.
P1020845 P1020846
其他的咧, 就是漢堡了, 大概有… 8種不同的吧… 但是你也可以自己客製化, 也可以把裡面的漢堡換成雞肉, 還有把麵包換成生菜. 你還可以從四種配菜裡面選一種來搭配你的漢堡, 薯條, 洋蔥圈, 炸磨菇, 還有比較大塊的薯條… 那個炸磨菇和夜市裡面賣得滿像的, 洋蔥圈也還算可以, 大塊薯條還不錯.

The burgers itself are pretty decent. The hamburger buns are the light and fluffy kind, the bacon wasn’t really exciting, they should make it crispier, and pickle slices are the kind that I like, could use another slice of lettuce, but other than that, it’s pretty good.
P1020847 P1020848
漢堡本身咧也還不錯. 麵包是那種蓬鬆軟軟的那種, 培根應該再煎焦一點, 酸黃瓜片還不錯, 生菜可以多一片, 除了這些, 還OK拉~

Overall, it’s a place worth trying, in my own opinion, it’s better than Forkkers, the other local burger joint, but if I’m really craving for a big juicy burger, I’m probably still gonna head for GB or Trader Vic’s, but that’s just me.

總結, 可以去試試看, 我個人認為比那個Forkkers好吃. 不過如果我真的突然很想很想吃一個又大又多汁的漢堡, 我可能還是會跑去GB或者偉客商人吧~ 我啦… 也許你會有不同的選擇…

I don’t have any Indian friends… The closest is a friend from high school, Sajel Patel, but he is Pakistani…
我從小到大沒有印度朋友… 最接近的是我高中一個同學Sajel Patel, 他是巴基斯坦人…

Had Indian food tonight with William, Fiona, Wilhelm and Pat. It’s a restaurant that none of us have been before, so no one knows if it’s good or not. Trying to be adventurous…
今天晚餐是印度菜. 這家沒有人去過, 所以… 就去去看囉~

Anyway, this is a relatively new restaurant I think, cuz I don’t remember seeing it before (it is in my precinct), but I think there was another Indian place next door but now is a hair salon… Alright, pictures…
這家好像沒有開很久, 因為我不記得有看過他… 他又開在我的管區裡面… 所以, 我覺得他沒有開很久…

People deciding what to eat… and they have many… umm… I’m not sure if it was blanket, scarf, rug, shawl, or handkerchief, they were all over the place…  William was talking to me about his new job, but as soon as I pointed the camera at him, he paused and posed… man…
P1020749 P1020752
這家餐廳的裝潢就是.. 很多布… 我不曉得那個應該是毯子, 地毯, 圍巾, 披肩, 還是手帕… 反正牆上天花板都是…

I had a sweet lassi… if you never had it before, it’s an Indian yogurt drink. I really can’t remember the name of the dishes… so… I’m just gonna make them up… The green thing is mint sauce…
P1020754 P1020753 P1020761
我叫了一杯Lassi… 如果你沒有喝過, 他就是比較濃的養樂多, 稀釋過的優酪乳… 綠色那個是薄荷醬…

Fried vegetable mush… it’s spicy… the triangular thing is fried curry flavored potato mush… it’s also spicy…
P1020755 P1020758 P1020760
我完全不記得那些菜名… 所以… 我就自己隨便掰… 這個是炸蔬菜尼… 右邊那個是炸咖哩馬鈴薯尼… 都是辣的

Plain naan and garlic naan… and yellow rice…
P1020762 P1020763 P1020767
印度烤餅, 原味, 蒜味. 還有黃黃飯…

Tendori chicken, some kind of a chicken curry thing, and okra and onion stew thing…
P1020757 P1020765 P1020768
坦嘟里烤雞, 紅色不辣的雞肉咖哩的東西… 然後右邊那個是秋葵跟洋蔥燉的東西…

Another red curry chicken thing… but this one is spicy… then the veggie curry thing… and the green thing is spinach with cheese.

P1020770 P1020772
紅紅辣的雞肉咖哩… 燉蔬菜咖哩之類的… 然後裡面有起士塊的波菜泥..

I… don’t really know what to say about this place… the manager/owner seems to be Indians… and there are Indian customers… but… I don’t know… just didn’t really make me want to go back again… I didn’t really have a favorite out of all these dishes… I mean it’s not bad, but not good enough that would make me want to go back again… but that’s just me…
恩… 這家店要怎麼說咧… 老闆好像是印度人… 然後也有印度人來吃… 不過… 我覺得好像還好… 我在美國吃得好像比較好吃ㄟ…. 也不會不好吃… 但是就沒有好到讓我想再回去吃… 也許你會喜歡…

Then Pat wanted some dessert, Wilhelm wanted to go 敲敲杯, but Pat drove, William didn’t really feel like drinking, I am still on standby… so we headed for Flash Darts… and of course, they are closed today… so we headed one alley over to have a drink and sit and chat.
吃完飯, 王大哥想去敲敲杯, 但是有人開車, 有人不是很想喝, 我還在待命… 所以我們想說… 那去射飛鏢吧… 結果居然沒開… 所以我們就去坐坐喝個非酒精飲料聊聊囉…

Coffee Alley is the name of the place.
P1020773 P1020775 P1020776
很顯然的, 這家叫做咖啡弄…

Lemon soda. Apple flavored grape tea with some other fruits in it…
P1020777 P1020778 P1020779
檸檬蘇打水… 蘋果什麼什麼葡萄什麼什麼茶

I can’t remember what this was…it was orange… and William got this mango yogurt slurpee thing… and we shared the waffle with mango puree syrup, mango sorbet, whipped cream with what I think was rasberry syrup and canned peaches and a few slices of apple…
P1020781 P1020782 P1020783
橘色什麼什麼水果什麼什麼茶… 芒果什麼奶什麼東西冰沙… 還有ㄟ… 芒果醬, 芒果冰淇淋, 罐頭水蜜桃, 蘋果切片, 鮮奶油, 覆盆子醬, 鬆餅….

Well… it’s just typical tea place stuff that you can get in a lot of places around my house… it’s better than the tea house one alley south, and drinks were above average I suppose, with all the little cranberries and lemon wedges and orange slices and stuff… Fancy…
整體來說, 空間明亮, 東西也還OK, 生意滿好, 可以去喝喝東西聊聊天但是抽菸比較麻煩的一個地方 (因為他在二樓)… 大概就這樣…

I got my X-Mini II today, thanks to Ariel

Dinner was at… umm… I have no idea what the name of the place was…
It’s kinda like a yakitori/izagaya place that offers grilled, fried, stewed stuff. It has been there for a while, but I never tried it before. We were going to try this other place down the alley, but it was closed today, and we didn’t want to walk too far, so we thought we give it a try.
今天的晚餐的餐廳名字, 我完全不曉得… 因為我們本來沒有要去這家的. 我們本來要去的餐廳沒有開, 我們又不想走太遠, 所以就隨便挑了間看起來還可以的地方.

Menu… Like I said, it’s got a variety of stuff to choose from. I just asked the waitress what’s good, and ordered whatever she said. The back side (black) is the wine, sake, shoju, beer, soft drink menu. Ryan and I ordered draft beer while the ladies ordered non-alcoholic beverages.
菜單… 這家有點像是燒鳥/居酒屋/立吞… 有烤的搾的燉的煮的涼拌的… 看起來很多, 其實也還好… 黑的那面是啤酒,清酒,燒酌,沙瓦,汽水等. 雷教官和我點了生啤酒, 女生點了非酒精飲料.

P1020688 P1020691 P1020703 P1020704 P1020706 P1020707

The fried chicken was not bad, skin was crispy and meat is still juicy.
The grilled pork, matsusaka pork we like to call in Taiwan, it’s from the pig’s neck. It’s not bad either.
The fish was mackerel, pretty good if you like these type of fish.
P1020708 P1020710 P1020714
炸雞塊還不錯, 那個黃芥末沒有什麼味道, 皮炸得乾乾脆脆, 肉還滿多汁的.
烤松阪豬也還不錯, 只有用鹽調味, 但是也夠了.
烤靖魚也蠻好, 魚肉沒有乾乾的, 不過如果不喜歡吃這種藍皮魚的可以自動跳過.

Grilled amei ebi, is sweet and fresh.
The beef would be better if they add a little bit more salt.
The chicken with green onion is not bad but nothing to get excited about.
P1020716 P1020718 P1020719
烤甜蝦還蠻新鮮的, 而且真的蠻甜的.
烤牛小排, 鹽我覺得可以多一滴滴, 雖然他們有一小罐鹽在桌子上, 不過算了, 我懶得加…
烤雞肉蔥串, 蔥還算甜, 雞肉也OK.

Fried chicken skin salad. It’s fried but not oily, crispy and dry. With the greens and a bit of dressing, it goes well with beer.
The wakeme salad came late (deducts one point… hehe) most people order this to make up for the guilty feeling of ordering all these fried and meats… I have no such problem.
The beef intestine miso stew was pretty good, again, good with beer.
P1020723 P1020724 P1020729
炸雞皮沙拉 – 雞皮炸的很乾, 很脆, 配上一些生菜洋蔥還有日式醬汁, 還滿OK的.
海帶沙拉不曉得為什麼很晚才來… 順序不對, 扣分… 很多人會點這個來彌補他們點了那麼多炸的還有肉, 不過我本身並沒有這個問題…
味噌燉牛雜還不錯, 味道夠, 下酒小菜.

The ume onigiri was to complete the meal. They also have yaki onigiri if you prefer.
最後當然是要來個飯糰來結束這餐. 梅子御飯糰, 也有烤的.

Overall, it’s not a place for a proper meal. It’s just a appetizer beer place before a real meal, or maybe after working overtime at the office you can come here for a drink or two. Service was ok, food decent enough. Don’t expect anything spectacular and you should be satisfied with this place
總結, 這家其實不是給你來吃正餐的地方, 比較像是加班到晚上然後跟同事一起去小酌的地方, 或者先來喝杯啤酒吃個兩串然後再去吃飯的地方. 服務還OK, 食物還不錯, 不過沒有到非吃不可的地步. 只要你對他的期待不要太大, 那應該是個可以去的地方.

Leaving for ANC-ATL-DFW for a week tonight…
今天晚上, 明天一早要去ANC-ATL-DFW一個禮拜…

This is a new ramen shop that opened last month. It’s the second overseas branch of the ramen shop in Japan, the first one is actually in Brazil, yes, Brazil… who would’ve guessed? They actually started as a makers of miso in Japan, and opened up their first ramen shop 6 years ago, so of course, their specialty is the miso soup base. Hokkaido miso is the strongest in flavor, rich and salty, then comes the Shinshu miso, it’s a still a rich and heavy flavored soup, but not as salty on your taste buds. Lastly, there’s the Kyushu miso,  it’s a sweet miso. Didn’t try this one today.
這家是新開的拉麵店, 這是田所商店在海外開的第二家分店 (第一家在巴西… 對, 巴西.) 這間店的特色從他的招牌就看得出來了, 味噌 (招牌也做得像是裝味噌的木桶). 因為其實田所是做味噌起家的. 他們的湯底主要分為三種, 北海道味增, 九州味噌, 信州味噌. 其中又以北海道的味噌味道最濃, 也最鹹, 再來是信州的, 味道也是屬於濃的, 然後就是九州屬於比較偏甜的味噌.

The appearance of the restaurant is Japanese, of course… and they have this big miso bucket as their banner~ I was there around 1:30 in the afternoon, only a couple of customers in it, if they open one up around my house, i’m sure they’ll have better business during the off peak hours.
店的外觀就還滿日本的, 雖然名字是旺味, 不過跟旺旺集團沒有關係… 我去的時候已經一點半了, 所以沒有什麼人. 我想, 如果他們開在我家附近的話, 人應該會更多一點. 所以.. 拜託… 來我家附近開!!!
P1020687 P1020686 P1020684

The inside is… well, it’s a ramen place. Got a open kitchen, and that’s about it.
裡面就還滿… 拉麵店的… 有個開放式的廚房, 大概就這樣…
P1020681 P1020682 P1020683

There are a few condiments on the table, chili powder, chili oil, and something else I can’t remember… There’s also a small tub of spicy miso, IMO, it ain’t spicy at all…
桌上有七味粉, 辣油, 還有一個是… 什麼我忘了… 然後還有一小碗辣味噌. 我個人是認為, 不辣…
P1020664 P1020665 P1020666

You get a small bowl of salad before your noodles. It’s a miso based dressing, kinda salty. I added the red spicy miso paste, made it even more salty… haha~ (ok, turns out, it’s actually thousand island dressing… I guess I’ve added a wee bit too much of the miso…)
每個人都會附上一小碗沙拉, 上面是味噌沙拉醬, 有點鹹, 紅色的就是辣味噌, 自己加的. (結果搞了半天那個是千島醬, 我可能加太多味噌了…)

I ordered a side order of chashu rice. It’s not a big bowl of rice, but turns out, I had to pack it to go… There are three slices of chashu, and some fried spring onion bits. Their chashu was marinated in miso first, and after it’s cooked, they grill it to give it a smoky bbq flavor. I like it. Oh, and it’s thick, it’s close to 1 cm thick.
我有另外點一碗叉燒飯, 沒有很大, 裡面有炸的蔥酥還有三片叉燒… 不過後來事實證明, 我根本吃不完…

這裡的叉燒有比較不一樣, 第一 它比較厚, 大約有一公分. 第二, 他是塗上味噌鹽漬後再烤過, 我猜應該是上桌前烤的, 有點烤過的香味. 第三, 他比較紮實, 沒有入口即化. 需要咬, 不過不會柴. 還算可以.
P1020668 P1020676 P1020677

Alright, the noodles, or ramen. This is the Hokkaido spicy miso veggie ramen. It ain’t vegetarian, cuz it’s got a big slice of chashu on top~ The egg is not standard issue, 30 nt per egg, not cheap, it’s also marinated with miso. I like it too.
There’s also some ground pork, marinated in miso of course, and a couple chunks of potatoes. Yup, potatoes! Hokkaido is famous for their potatoes, so you shouldn’t be surprised~
The little bottle of liquid is not sake, it’s actually soup stock. It’s for the non-ramen-lovers, people who want to have “Taiwanese-Japanese Ramen” to add into their bowl to make their ramen bland… I hope they will keep their soup rich and salty, just like they do it in Japan, and don’t give in to the Taiwanese-Japanese-Ramen people!!!!
OK, 麵. 這碗是北海道辣味噌蔬菜拉麵. 雖然說是蔬菜, 但是裡面還是有附上一片叉燒. 湯是濃濃的味噌的味道, 不辣, 辣油是噱頭而已~ 那顆糖心蛋是另外叫的, 一顆30… 有點貴… 不過他是味噌醃漬的, 味道比較重, 滿好吃的.
然後比較特別的地方就是這碗麵裡面還有放馬鈴薯. 畢竟, 北海道是男爵馬鈴薯的故鄉… 不過, 這個我覺得這裡應該是用國產的…
旁邊那一小瓶不是sake喔, 是高湯, 怕有客人不習慣日本拉麵的重口味, 所以可以自己加入他們的碗裡面調整. 我覺得這個才對嘛~~ 就是要忠於原味! 他們的湯頭跟日本當地的鹹度一樣, 就是鹹~ 但是這樣才是原味啊~ 不然我幹嘛吃”日本”拉麵… 希望他們可以堅持下去, 不要去調整他們的湯頭, 不要像其他的拉麵店一樣做出”符合國人口味”的台式拉麵…

P1020670 P1020680

This is Shinshu spicy scallion ramen. The thinly sliced scallions were tossed with chili oil, and underneath it, it’s a bunch of Japanese pickeled veggies and fungi. I would think it’s cuz Shinshu is famous for it, just like the potatoes in the Hokkaido ramen.
The noodles, are medium thick curly noodles imported from Japan. I think if I have to be picky, they could shorten the cooking time for the noodles a bit, so it’s has a bit more bite, and won’t get too soft towards the end (if you are a slow eater that is…)
這碗是信州辣細蔥拉麵. 蛋也是另外加的. 上面那一堆是拌過辣油的蔥絲, 好吃~ 然後也是有一大片叉燒, 然後下面還有一種日本的醬菜… 就是… 那個有綠色脆脆的菜還有菇蕈的那種醬菜啦… 喔, 還有麵, 這個麵是中粗捲麵, 比較粗, 較容易附著湯汁, 是從日本進口的咧~ 真的要挑的話, 我覺得他們可以把麵煮的再硬一點, 這樣會更Q, 然後吃得比較慢的人, 不會到後來麵都軟掉了.  不過他們煮的還是算很OK, 不會像有些台式日式拉麵店把麵煮的過頭, 拉麵就是要吃它的Q阿~ 煮的爛爛的我去銀翼吃蔥開煨麵就好啦!!! 所以我也希望他們不要同流合污囉~ 拜託!!
P1020671P1020672 P1020675

Overall, I think this is a great place to have a bowl of ramen, especially if you like miso soup based ramen. This is probably the best miso ramen I’ve had in Taipei so far~ However, if you do go, PLEASE don’t complain their soup is too salty, because that’s the way it’s suppose to be!!!
結論, 這家大概是我在台北吃過最好吃的味噌拉麵, 所以如果你喜歡味噌拉麵, 一定要來試試看~ 不過… 請拜託不要跟店家說他們的湯頭太鹹, 因為這樣才是原味啦!!!!