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You know how some activities will be held not matter rain or shine? I don’t think barbecue is one of them.

I remember I used to barbecue 4 times a week while I was in college. The good ol’ days~ I think this is my first barbecue in Taiwan since… umm… elementary school… Japanese yakiniku restaurant excluded.
以前還是死大學生的時候, 一個禮拜可以烤肉烤到4次, 這次大概是我繼小學之後, 第一次在台灣烤肉. 日本燒烤不算.

The place is called, 千戶傳奇, it’s actually a farm, for fishes. So, rain, yes, it was raining, at one point, it was raining hard. But that didn’t stop us from grilling some delicious meats~ Cuz we got a roof over our heads… Hahaha~ It was fun, we should do it again, just not during summer… at least not the summer in Taiwan…
我們去的地方叫做"千戶傳奇", 他其實是個農場, 養魚的農場. 我們到的時候, 在下小雨, 烤到後來開始下大雨. 還好我們是在涼亭內烤, 不然應該很難烤熟. 還滿好玩的, 下次有機會再來辦一次, 只要不是辦在夏天就好.

After 3 hours of intense grilling, we cleaned up and went to visit their fish farm. 
烤了三小時之後, 我們東西收收, 就跑去參觀他們的農場.

These are Paddlefish, they have a nose that shaped like a duckbill, interesting fish~ According to the worker there, they are very tasty, and expensive, costs about 40 USD per pound.  I’m interested… hehehe The pond with the red and orange fish is Koi, or carp.
這個是鴨嘴魚, 因為他們長得好像有鴨子的嘴巴, 很有意思的魚. 農場的工作人員說, 這種魚非常好吃, 價格不菲, 一斤大約要1500元, 隨便一條成年的大概要7,8千. 我還滿想吃吃看的…


P1030604P1030609 IMG_0507IMG_0509P1030605P1030606
This is sturgeon. If you’ve had caviar before, you’ve had it’s egg. It’s pretty big, but they can grow up to at least twice the size of the one in the picture. That’s a lot of caviar…
這個是鱘龍魚. 有吃過魚子醬吧? 就是這種魚的蛋. 這魚很大, 照片裡的還算是小的咧~

P1030614P1030610 P1030611P1030615
This is another type of sturgeon. This one can grow up to 10 meters, weigh 1,000 kilos, and live to 150 years old. Amazing right?
這是另外一種鱘魚, 中華鱘. 他們可以長到10公尺長, 一千公斤, 而且可以活到150歲.

After the tour of the fish farm, we headed to the old streets of 三峽.
看完魚之後, 我們就跑去了附近的三峽老街.

Saw this little shop selling pork blood rice cake with people lining up in front of it. So of course, we tried. It was pretty good~ FYI, he’s there on weekends only.
經過這家店的時候, 有一堆人在排隊, 那我們當然要湊個熱鬧買一隻來吃囉~ 還滿不錯的, 如果你有興趣, 老闆只有周末才有賣哦!

I also had these. Strawberry yogurt soft serve, a pineapple popsicle, and a cherimoya flavored popsicle. Yum! Actually, the soft serve was just ok… but it’s a tourist thing, since it’s in the famous horn shaped pastry that they sell here in 三峽.
後來又接連吃了, 草莓優格霜淇淋, 鳳梨枝仔冰, 還有釋迦枝仔冰. 好吃~ 不過我必須說那個霜淇淋還好, 主要是為了那個參與感, 因為他是用三峽有名的牛角裝的~
IMG_0520IMG_0528 IMG_0536IMG_0538

10-10-27 Okinawa 沖繩

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Food and drink, Okinawa, Travel

Note to self: Check weather of destination before booking the ticket and hotel.

Last time in Okinawa was with Jay, we spent pretty much the whole time there in restaurants. It was a fulfilling trip. This time I’m there by myself to do get some supplies and some food. Just when I was stepping out of the door on my way to the airport, mom said, “isn’t there a typhoon?” Hmmm…
上次去琉球/沖繩是跟Jay去的, 那次從頭到尾吃吃喝喝, 非常滿足. 這次我是自己去採買一些東西, 還有食物. 在我要踏出家門的那一霎那, 我媽說 "不是有颱風嗎?" 恩…

Taipei to Okinawa is solely operated by China Airlines, which means, there’ will be no comparison shop when you are buying the tickets. Saves you some hassle, but it also means if they want to rip you off, you have no other alternatives. Luckily I work for them… sort of…
台北到沖繩這個航段是華航獨家的. 所以貨比三家在此不適用. 省了一些麻煩, 不過這也表示他們票價愛開多高就開多高, 你一點選擇的餘地都沒有. 還好, 在這個情況下, 我很開心我是他們的員工…

It was raining in the morning, you see the guy wearing the vest with reflective strips? Yeah, that’s the first officer doing the 360 inspection of the plane. That’s Hubert btw.
出發的時候是雨天, 有沒有看到那個穿著反光條背心那個人? 他是副駕駛, 在做起飛前的檢查. 今天剛好是16期的Hubert來執行這個任務.
IMG_0402 IMG_0404

After about an hour of flight time, I arrived in Naha. It was raining there too, but that ain’t going to stop me from going out to have some yummy food. So I dropped off my bag at the hotel, took the skyrail to Oroku station for this ramen place that everyone recommends. Tondu is the name of the restaurant.
坐了一個小時左右的飛機, 我到了那霸. 這邊也是在下雨, 不過這個無法阻止我吃拉麵的意念. 把東西先寄到旅館去之後, 就坐著他們的單軌電車去到了小祿站的通堂拉麵.
IMG_0405 IMG_0417

They have an open kitchen where you get to see them prepare your meal, and also prevents waiters to spit in your soup.
開放式的廚房表示他們不會隨便亂吐口水在你的湯裡面, 也可以欣賞師傅甩麵瀝乾的動作.

There’s a big jar of pickled bean sprouts for you to take. Instead of iced water, there’s a pitcher of iced tea on the table for you to drink.
桌上有一罐醃豆芽菜, 辣辣的, 隨你吃. 然後有一壺冰紅茶, 也算是特別.

Gyoza, crispy on the bottom, juicy on the inside. With a little chili oil and soy sauce, yum~  煎餃, 底部脆脆, 裡面多汁. 加點辣椒油還有醬油, 讚~

The ramen soup base is pork bones, hence the milky white color. It may look heavy and rich, but it’s actually not. Some pork bone soups have this smell that some people don’t like, but here, there’s none of it. The soup is light and flavorful, and the chashu was good too~ Did I ever mention I love ramen and I could eat ramen every day?
這裡的拉麵是豚骨湯底, 所以看起來白白濃濃的. 不過喝起來它其實還滿清爽的. 還有豚骨湯有時候有種豬味, 這個沒有. 叉燒也做得好吃. 整體來說滿不錯的, 不愧是那霸的名店. 不過我還是比較喜歡濃一點的湯頭就是了.

After my lunch, I walked across the street to Jusco to see if there’s anything to buy, and got myself a white mocha coffee. FYI, white mocha on the menu only comes in hot or iced, but they can specially make it into a frappaccino if that’s what you prefer. The ad, I think it says, buy Asahi beer and collect points, two points get you a chicken tender strip, and there are also 100,000 cans with instant win of a big mac. Hmmm… How could you not love this place?
吃完中飯, 我就到對街的Justco去看看有沒有什麼東西可以買. 喝了一杯白摩卡咖啡, 白摩卡在menu上面是只有冰的或熱的, 但是如果你要, 他們也可以把它做成星冰樂. 左邊張的廣告大概的意思似乎是買asahi啤酒集滿兩點可以換一塊雞柳條, 還有10萬個開瓶就有獎的免費大麥克. 所以你說, 這個地方是不是太完美了?

Haagen-Dazs in Japan always have these seasonal limited edition flavors. Few months ago, I had the momo flavored and it was great, this time, it’s pumpkin. Personally I’m not a big fan of pumpkin anything, but it was pretty good. So I guess if you like pumpkin, you would like it even more.
日本的Haagen-Dazs都會有這種季節限定的口味, 上次在東京就吃到了水蜜桃口味的, 這次是南瓜. 我對南瓜沒有什麼興趣, 不過這個還滿好吃的說~ 如果你本來就喜歡南瓜的話, 你應該也會喜歡.
This is another limited edition pudding. What can I say, I’m weak against the words “limited edition”. Instead of caramel or burnt sugar syrup on the bottom, it’s soda flavored syrup. All I can say is, not all "limited edition” stuff is good. Most of the time yes, but in this case, no.
這又是另外一個期間限定的東西. 布丁下面的焦糖漿換成汽水口味的糖漿… 我只能說, 不是所有"限量"的東西都是好的. 大部分的時候, 都是好的, 不過這次… 不…

Second day, waking up around 10, starts to get ready to check out. Then I thought that I would check the departure time that night, and found out, the freaking flight was cancelled… Someone wants me to stay in Naha, I shall stay. Called front desk to put me down for another day, then set off for another day of shopping and food. Oh, the typhoon my mom was talking about, is here.
第二天早上起來, 想說要check out了, 摸摸弄弄然後發現我的飛機被取消了… 看來有人要我留在這裡… 我只好遵命囉! 打給櫃檯跟他們說我要多留一天, 然後就準備出門去逛街了~ 不過… 颱風也來了…

My umbrella was already in pieces after yesterday’s rain and strong wind. So today, I decided not to bring that piece of crap and just man up and tough it out. Took the skyrail to Omoromachi station, where the DFS is, but that’s not where I’m going, I went to the Naha Place or was it Main Place behind the DFS building. It’s a mall.
前一天晚上我的雨傘已經被風吹散了, 所以今天我決定不帶傘了, 帶了也沒有用… 坐了單軌電車去到了新都心, 哪裡有間DFS, 不過我不是要去DFS, 我是要去DFS後面的Main Place.. 還是Naha Place… 反正就是各百貨公司拉~

Sometimes eating alone is a sad sad thing, but when the food is good, who gives a crap.
For lunch I went to one of the restaurant in the mall and had a pork cutlet meal. It’s not just any pork, it’s Okinawa Black Pork. Oh it was goood~ I paid 130yen extra to change the miso soup to a little bowl of Okinawa’s noodles. Pork chop was good, rice was good, noodles were good, even the little plum was good.
有時候一個人吃飯是件很悲慘的事情, 但是如果是好吃的東西, 那就沒有關係啦~ 中午我去吃的是豬排飯, 他不是普通豬, 他是沖繩黑豚. 真是好好吃啊~ 然後我多加了130日幣把味噌湯換成了Okinawa特有的麵. 真是每樣都好吃~ 連那個梅子都好吃~


After lunch, I shopped for about.. 7 hours, yes, 7 hours. Bought a whole bunch of stuff, and went to dinner. Yeah, I am still at the same two-story mall… and that 7 hours includes a couple hours of hardcore gaming on my phone in a coffee shop. Angry Birds, made me real angry!
吃完中飯, 我逛了7小時. 對, 7個小時. 買了一堆東西, 然後去吃晚餐. 沒錯, 我還在同一間只有兩層樓的百貨公司. 不過7個小時裡面有包括在咖啡廳裏面喝咖啡然後玩了兩個小時電話裡面的遊戲. 那個Angry Birds真的是讓人很生氣!

Then it’s time for dinner! Autum is the season for Matsutake. It’s a type of mushroom that’s considered a delicacy in Japan. If you never had it before, I think it’s flavor is similar to truffles, both are expensive, both smells like earth, or mud… Hahaha~ But since it’s “seasonal” of course I had to have it! Ordered a autumn set meal with matsutake rice and matsutake tempura, and again replaced the miso soup with cold udon. It also came with a cup of chawan mushi – steamed egg with stuff in it. I also ordered a glass of Orion beer, to pretend that I’m a grown up.
OK, 晚餐. 秋天是松茸的季節. 松茸如果你沒有吃過的話, 他的味道跟松露有點像, 兩種都很貴, 兩種都有… 泥巴的味道… 哈哈哈~ 不過既然是季節料理, 那當然是要試試啦! 點了一個秋天的定食, 裡面有松茸飯, 松茸天婦羅, 把味噌湯換成了冷烏龍麵, 然後還有一個茶碗蒸. 還點了一杯Orion啤酒來表示我是成熟的男人.
It was grrrreeeeaaaat!!
The tempura was crispy crispy crispy, and the batter is not thick and heavy like most places in Taiwan. It was not oily either, it was light and did I mention crispy?
天婦羅很脆, 麵衣很薄, 不像一些台灣的餐廳. 這裡的也不油, 還滿清爽的~
This is Maitake, another type of mushroom. Yum!!
這個是舞菇, 這個也很好吃~
After dinner, went downstairs to the supermarket to get some snacks and whatever I can’t get in Taiwan and headed back to the hotel. By this time, the rain had stopped but the wind was still strong, times like this makes people envy at my full figured body.
吃完飯, 跑到一樓的超市裡面去買點東西然後就回旅館了. 等我出來的時候雨已經停了, 只有風還一直吹而且滿大的. 這個時候, 人們都會因為我壯碩的身材而投以羨慕的眼光~

Got these puddings at the supermarket. I’m guess the Japanese says pudding for manly man. Perfect for me.
這兩個布丁是在超市買的. 我猜那個日文是寫給真男人的布丁. 那就是給我的啦!
The left one has syrup in it, but the syrup only has the caramel flavor but not sweet at all. It weird, but it’s good. The right one, there a character for “salt” on the lid, and I’m not sure if there’s really salt in it or just my imagination, there’s a very very slight taste of salt in it. Again, it’s weird, but I think it kinda brings out the flavor even more. Interestingly good stuff.
左邊那個下面有焦糖漿, 不過不甜, 有焦糖的味道但是不甜, 好吃. 右邊那個上面寫了個"鹽", 所以不曉得是真的有放鹽, 還是我心理作用, 好像是真的有很淡的鹹味, 怪怪的, 不過我覺得他好像把布丁的味道勾出來了. 很有趣的東西, 也是好吃.

Next day, I successfully got on the morning flight and headed back to Taipei. I think I’ll go back again, definitely.
第三天, 我成功的上了早上的那班飛機回台北. 我想我應該還會再回去的.

People say third time’s a charm, then what’s second time?

First time in Frankfurt didn’t really see much, cuz it was a Sunday. Can someone explain to me why everything closes on Sundays in Europe? Do people there not like to make money? Actually, I kinda understand, since most professions have the weekend off, why should anyway work on a Sunday?
第一次來法蘭克福的時候是禮拜天,所有的店都休息,所以哪也沒有去. 這次來是禮拜六, 所以當然要出去看看囉~ 不過有人知道為什麼歐洲的商店禮拜天都不開嗎? 是因為他們不想賺錢嗎? 其實, 我可以了解為什麼, 當所以其他的行業周末都不用上班的時候, 為什麼店家禮拜天也要開著不能休息?

Anyway, this time we arrived on a Saturday, since I dead-head on the passenger flight over, I was well rested, no, actually I only slept like 2 or 3 hours on the plane, cuz I was in the economy class and the seats were quite uncomfortable… not that the business class seats are any better…
這次來是搭客機來的, 不過我並沒有在飛機上睡多久, 因為我被放逐到經濟艙去… 椅子實在有夠難坐, 不過商務艙的椅子也沒有好到哪去…


So, after we got to the hotel in the morning, local time, rested for a couple of hours (actually I was tending to my stupid games on FB), RP and I went to this pizza place recommend by others. It was good stuff~ Why can’t pizzerias in Taiwan make the same crust? is it the water? flour? or the freaking humidity?  
到了旅館之後, 休息了一下(其實我是在搞那些FB的白痴小遊戲), 就往市區出發去吃一家很多人推薦的pizza~
Across the train station, we took the light rail to the pizza place.
It’s a small joint. They have pizzas as well as pastas.
地方不大, 主要是賣pizza跟義大利麵.
P1030568P1030569 P1030571
I have no idea what I ordered, since everything was in German, I wish I had paid more attention in my high school German class… Actually, I could still remember some vocabs and recognize some since it’s similar to English. Mine had peppers, pickled peppers, onions, anchovies, olives (not pitted), salami and mushrooms on it. The other pizza had salami, sausage, and the green thing is arugula. Both were good stuff~ The crust was good, the sauce was good, the toppings were good, I especially like the arugula, cuz it kinda balances out the saltiness of the sausages and salami.
由於林盃高中三年的德文課沒有很用心地在讀, 所以我只認得出一些單字, 還有一些跟英文很像的單字… 反正我點的上面有辣椒, 醃漬過的辣椒, 洋蔥, 橄欖(沒有去核的), 鯷魚, 蘑菇, 還有臘腸. 另外那張上面有兩種臘腸還有上面的… 綠色的菜… 我記得中文好像是芝麻菜(所以說, 請不要看我的部落格以為可以學到英文, 不要被我耽誤了), 很多沙拉裡面都混一些進去. 兩種都很好吃~

The we set off to the shopping district. On the way there, we passed by this shop that sells brushes. They have every kind of brush there is, from paint brush to brush you can wash your pans with to the brush you use to foam up the shaving cream and even brooms. Very interesting.
吃飽了之後, 我們就往購物區前進. 路上我們經過了這家賣刷子的店, 這間店很有趣, 各式各樣的刷子都有, 小到水彩筆大至掃把統統都有~

Inside the shopping district, there’s is this one area where LV, Gucci, Prada, Hermes, and many more are located. I’m not sure, but I think on that street, parking is for Porsches only… 911s, Panamera, Cayenne… It was like a outdoor Porsche showroom.
這個購物區裡面有條街上面都是什麼LV, Guicci, Prada之類的店. 這條路似乎是只限保時捷才可以停車, 因為一條路上一大堆, 好像在辦活動展示一樣.
P1030583P1030584 P1030585  

In Germany, as the same with many other European countries and Japan, you can see old buildings everywhere, and mostly well preserved, while the modern ones were all well designed with character that draws tourists to snap a few shots of it. You can’t see Taipei, which is a shame… Even the freaking ashtray in front of a restaurant looked nice.
在德國, 與其他許多的歐洲國家甚至日本, 你都會發現很多古老的建築, 還有許多非常有設計感的現代大樓, 都是會讓你想要多照各兩張的建築物. 但是為什麼台北都沒有? 這裡就連餐廳前面的煙灰缸我都想搬回家.
P1030576P1030578 P1030580P1030588

Dinner was at this restaurant behind Chanel. What do you eat when you’re in Germany? Pig knuckles and sausages! and of course, you wash it down with beer, lots of it~
晚餐是在Chanel後方的餐廳吃的. 德國要吃什麼? 當然就是香腸還有豬腳啦, 還有啤酒, 幫助消化~ 哈哈哈~
The beer was sweet, I forgot if it was apple or honey, but it was pretty good.
我點的這個啤酒有點甜, 我忘了是蜂蜜還是蘋果的味道, 還不錯.
P1030591P1030599P1030595P1030600 P1030596P1030597   
Sausages were all good, pig knuckles were also good, but I have to say, it didn’t really “wow” me. Maybe it’s because I’ve had it before, or I had my expectations set too high. Don’t get me wrong though, they were all good dishes, and you should give it a try when you visit Germany~ and beer too!
香腸豬腳都好吃, 不過我必須說, 不曉得是因為我對他的期待太大, 還是因為我以前已經吃過了, 他沒有讓我非常的驚豔. 不要誤會我的意思喔, 他還是很好吃, 如果你來德國的話, 這兩種東西一定是必點啦! 當然, 還有啤酒!

East Bound, West Bound, James Bound…

It was a flight from Taipei to Abu Dhabi then Frankfurt. Left home around 11:20pm and stepped into the hotel room in Frankfurt around 8:00pm the next day… It was a long day…

This is the tower at Abu Dhabi airport. Interesting ain’t it? We landing in Abu Dhabi for fuel and went on to Frankfurt. I hear the new hotel at AUH is real nice… next time…
IMG_0131 IMG_0124
Not sure if you can see it, but that red roofed building is the Ferrari park… Nice~~

Anyway, after we got to the hotel, the four of us went for a walk along the river and then head on to the train station for some food. Didn’t go downtown cuz we thought since it’s Sunday, many shops will be closed… Turns out, it was Oktoberfest… everything was open!! but we found out the next morning during breakfast just before we fly back to Taipei…
IMG_0157 IMG_0162IMG_0164 IMG_0166 IMG_0168 IMG_0173
IMG_0175 IMG_0177 IMG_0178

iPhone HDR functions is evident here. Left is with HDR off, right is with HDR on.
IMG_0180 IMG_0181 IMG_0182 IMG_0183
The sausage at the train station. YUM!! The Sexergy drink… I should’ve bought some and sell it online…
IMG_0186 IMG_0192 

These were the business class meals served on the passenger flight back to Taipei. It was better than what I expected~ But I really have to say, we have shitty business class seats!!! It was so uncomfortable… I think I only got 2 hours of sleep out of the 12-hour flight…
IMG_0208 IMG_0210
IMG_0212 IMG_0216 IMG_0220 IMG_0224 IMG_0230 IMG_0232
IMG_0234 IMG_0236

East Bound, West Bound, James Bound.

It’s been a while since last time I was flew 065, Taipei, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Taipei. Actually, the last time I did this pattern was while I was still in training over 3 years ago. This time, Henry was there on a cargo flight, so we could meet up and hang.
上一次飛065從台北到曼谷到阿姆斯特丹回曼谷回台北已經是3年多前還在訓練的時候了. 這次剛好Henry也會在那邊, 所以我們就約了一起出去晃晃.


I’m can’t speak for others, but for me, as long as the hotel room has a clean bed, clean bathroom, a TV, and a stable and fast internet connection, then I’m all set.
我不曉得別人怎麼樣, 但是旅館只要有一張乾淨的床, 乾淨的廁所, 一台電視, 網路穩又快, 我就很滿足了.

After arriving in Amsterdam, took a nap, and went downtown with Henry to have a look see.
到了阿姆斯特丹之後, 睡了一下, 就跟Henry去城裡晃晃了.

What do you drink when you’re in Amsterdam? Heineken of course! We grabbed a drink at this cafe/restaurant next to Zara, and ordered pancakes. Yup, pancakes~ with beer!
來到阿姆斯特丹要喝什麼? 就是要海尼根啦! 我們在Zara旁邊的咖啡館/餐廳喝一杯, 還點了兩個鬆餅. 沒有錯, 鬆餅~ 配啤酒!
There were a lot of different toppings for the pancakes, and most of them were actually not sweet stuff or fruits. This one we got was bacon, mushroom, and cheese. it’s almost like a pizza, and it was surprisingly good! The pancake itself kinda has a texture of a crumpet.  The only food item that I miss from the training days in Adelaide.
菜單上面有各式各樣的鬆餅, 而且比較特別的是, 鹹的比甜的多. 雖然很詭異, 但是我們還是點了一個有蘑菇, 培根, 起司的. 好吃嗎? 真的很好吃ㄟ~ 我還滿驚訝的說~ 它的口感有點類似我們在澳洲受訓的時候吃的crumpet, 一個讓我懷念的食物~
We also ordered a strawberry pancake. It’s just fresh strawberries on top with powdered sugar and whipped cream. It was also berry good~ hahaha~
我們還點了一個草莓的, 上面就是新鮮草莓, 糖霜, 還有一坨鮮奶油. 這個也很好吃喔~
After our snack, we walked around downtown and these two pictures below is suppose to be a famous tourist spot. I didn’t tile my camera, the building was actually tilted~
吃完了我們的點心後, 我們又繼續晃來晃去. 剛好來到了這個景點. 不是我拍歪的喔,中間那棟就是歪歪的~
The weather was really nice that day, any shitty camera can capture nice looking pics.
那天的天氣很好, 任何爛的相機都可以拍出漂亮的照片.
Saw this tiny car on the side of a building, as you can see, it’s really small~ and it’s even got two seats in it… I think this is for children under 12.
路邊看到了這台小小車. 裡面還有兩張椅子. 我覺得這個應該是給12歲以下孩童的.
We then saw a Heineken City Shop, and they had a lot of Heineken stuff in it.
後來我們還去了海尼根的店 裡面有各式各樣海尼根的產品.

This was taken on route back to Bangkok. Nice big thunderstorm.
這張是回曼谷的路上拍的, 爆炸的雲.
Went to this restaurant for dinner. I have no idea where this was. People lead, and I followed.
晚餐是到這家餐廳去吃的. 我完全不曉得在哪, 反正有人帶, 我就跟著走就對了.
These are actually two different type of veggies. I can’t remember what they were…
這兩盤是不同的青菜, 不過… 我已經不記得他們是什麼東西了…
Chili crab and oyster omelet. It was goooooood~~~ Oh man, I’m hungry.
辣椒蟹還有蚵仔煎~ 好好吃喔~~ 我又餓了拉~
Steamed mussel, with lemon grass and basil. It was also very good. One thing about eating in Bangkok, everything was so freaking cheap!!! I can’t remember how much it was, but I remember saying damn that’s cheap! 
最後這倒是淡菜/孔雀蛤, 裡面放了檸檬草還有九層塔. 這個也好好吃~ 在曼谷吃飯真的很便宜ㄟ, 我是不記得這餐吃了多少錢啦, 不過我記得真是他奶奶的便宜~

Not much to say, just some pictures taken on and off the plane. I would like to move to Hawaii some day…

The first few pictures taken from the cockpit during sun raise somewhere over the Pacific. Times like these makes me feel better about my job… P1030384 P1030387 P1030391 P1030393 P1030407 P1030415

Approaching Hawaii
P1030419P1030420 P1030423P1030424

Waikiki Beach
P1030426P1030427 P1030428P1030430

Bye bye Honolulu, see you in three years!

Does anyone know what that truck/car is for?

I have no memory of this thing anymore… So I can’t tell you if it’s good or not…

Food is usually the reason why I drag my ass out of the hotel…

Singapore was surprisingly cooler than Taipei when I arrived that day.  After checking in at the hotel at 5 in the morning, I slept till noon and met up with Viv for my first meal of the day.
那天我到的時候才早上4點多, 到了旅館5點, 睡到中午剛好起來去吃中飯~

On the way to our first meal, we drove past the new Sands hotel and casino.  Which now reminds me, I thought we were going to check it out? What happened?
P1030073 P1030074
P1030075 P1030076
在去吃中飯的路上, 我們經過了新開的金沙賭場. 現在看到這個照片讓我想起來, 我們不是本來要去看看的嗎? 結果咧?

Lunch was a Ember, a umm… I’m not really sure what type of cuisine it was, Eurasian? Lunch is a 3-course meal, an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert for 38 SGD. Oh, it also comes with tea, coffee, or this fruity soda water thing.
中餐是在一家叫做Ember的餐廳. 應該算是歐亞創意料理吧? 中午一個人38塊錢, 可以選一道前菜, 一道主菜, 一道甜點. 有附麵包, 咖啡/茶/果汁.

Bread and butter, and the iced soda water thing~ The freshly baked bread has sun-dried tomatoes in it~
這個麵包是剛烤好的, 裡面是番茄乾~ 那杯是.. 果汁加蘇打水~
P1030097 P1030100 P1030086

Crab cake and soft shell crab. Both were good stuff~ and only now did I realize, that both were crabs~
P1030089 P1030090
前菜一道是蟹肉餅, 一道是軟殼蟹. 兩個都很好吃~
P1030095 P1030092

The main course, this was yam crusted veal loin. The outside was crispy, and veal was tender.
The coleslaw looking thing is suppose to be Japanese salsa, it’s mainly onions with a miso vinaigrette.
主菜是小牛肉, 外層是脆脆的番薯~ 那碗東西裡面是洋蔥絲, 紅蘿蔔絲還有什麼我也忘了的東西~ 然後用味噌油醋醬拌過. 還滿清爽的.
P1030104 P1030105

This is the 12 Hour Cooked Pork Belly. The round thing is apple.
The meat was very tender, and the skin was VERY crispy~
這道菜看起來像烤乳豬, 搞不好他就是~ 肉已經熟透了, 很軟嫩, 那個皮是超級脆~ 那個圓圓的是蘋果~
P1030106 P1030110

The dessert was apple tart with vanilla ice cream.
The apple tart was warm, and was very good~ Anyone know any restaurants similar to this in Taipei?
甜點是蘋果塔/派配香草冰淇淋. 這是現做的, 上來的時候還熱呼呼的~ 配上冰淇淋~ 讚~ 有沒有人知道台北有沒有這種類似的餐廳啊?
P1030121 P1030125

Then we went to the China Town in Singapore, where Viv discovered the market that sells Taiwanese stuff, like kimlan soy sauce and pickled bamboo shoots and stuff~
P1030127 P1030129 P1030130
然後我們去了新加坡的中國城找到了一家有賣台灣東西的超市, 所以以後Vivian不用再從台灣帶金蘭醬油回去了~
P1030131 P1030132

This is the Hai-Nan Chicken Rice at Lucky Plaza.
According to Viv, this is the only place that does both the rice and and chicken the right way. I have to say, it was great stuff~ The rice was flavorful and the chicken was tender, but why is it all white meal? Chickens in Singapore don’t have legs?
P1030135 P1030140
這家在Lucky購物商場二樓裡面的海南雞飯是很多人推薦的咧~ Viv說有的地方的飯做得好, 但是雞肉不好, 有的地方的雞肉好吃, 但是飯不好吃. 這家是目前他們吃過唯一一家兩樣都弄得有水準的地方~ 確實是很好吃, 不過, 為什麼都是雞胸肉啊? 新加坡的雞都沒有腿的嗎?
P1030137 P1030139

I forgot what this new mall is called… it’s got like all the big name brands in it~
P1030143 P1030146
我忘了這個地方叫什麼, 反正是一家什麼名牌都有的新開的百貨公司~

And for the last meal of the day, we had the coconut rice.
The rice was cooked with coconut milk or something, it’s very fragrant. When you order, they give you a pile of rice, and you pick out what you want to go with it from a variety of fried stuff. The fried chicken was very crispy and juicy, I like it. The thing wrapped in the green leaf was minced mackeral with spices called “Otah”. It’s almost like a paste, but you can still kind of feel the texture of fish meat in your mouth. The drink was barley water, barley broiled in water… so it’s kinda like a soup? but it’s a drink… hmm… anyway, it’s a pretty good drink to go with the fried and spicy stuff~
P1030150 P1030151 P1030153
然後我們到了一家很有名的椰漿飯的地方. 飯聞起來很香的咧~ 配菜幾乎都是油炸的東西, 他們的炸雞很好吃~ 很脆又多汁~ 另外一個比較特別的就是那個用葉子包起來的東西, 它叫做Otah. 裡面是鯖魚磨成泥加入香料, 吃起來很有南洋風味, 還不錯啦~ 然後配上冰冰涼涼的薏仁水很搭喔~
P1030155 P1030157 P1030158

At the airport, there were a few 747-SP parked at the apron. 747-SP is a shortened version of the 747. Boeing produced these to meet the demand of an airplane for the “long and thin” routes back in the 1970’s. Airlines wanted planes for the routes that are too lengthy for the DC-10 and MD-11’s but needed lesser seats than a standard 747. So the 747-SP (Special Performance) was produced to filled the gap in the market.
It’s quite cute I think~ haha~  From the left, it’s the 747-400 cargo, and then the 747-SP, You can see the SP is much shorter, but with the same big head and tail~
第二天要離開的時候, 看見機場裡面停了好幾台747-SP. 他是波音在70年代為了市場需求縮短了正常版的747而來的型號. 主要是用來飛DC10/MD11飛不到, 但是又不需要747那麼多位子的航線. 照片裡面你可以看到左邊是新航的747-400貨機, 再來就是747-SP. 一樣的頭跟尾, 但是就是短了了很多, 還滿可愛的咧~

Hmm… I don’t feel like writing anything today, so… I guess that’s it~!