10-10-19 My New Clock Radio

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Toys

When I can get something 50% less than the price sold in Taiwan, it’s a bargain.
對我來說, 能夠以半價買到一樣的東西, 就是超值.

Saw this in the newspaper the other day, selling for around 10K in Taiwan, I went directly to Amazon. I feel bad for the people who paid full price here in Taiwan…
前幾個禮拜在報紙裡面看到了這東西, 台灣售價大概是1萬出頭, 我的第一個反應當然是去Amazon看看. 我只能說我很同情那些在台灣買到的人…

This clock radio can charge your iPhone/iPod (iPhone 4 compatible) and play whatever music you have on it. It also has built in FM/AM radio, alarm that wakes you up in the morning, it can also play from an auxiliary source. The sound is good, for a clock radio, and I like it’s retro styling. I’d say it’s a good buy, unless you buy it in Taiwan.
這台Yamaha的收音機鬧鐘除了可以讓你聽廣播, 叫你起床, 播放你的iPhone/iPod裡面的音樂, 替你的iPhone/iPod充電之外, 還可以利用外接音源線再連接一個訊號. 音質我覺得以一台那麼小的東西來說, 算是不錯了, 我也滿喜歡他的復古的造型. 以Amazon的價錢來說, 這個真的滿划得來的. 如果是在台灣買… 恩…
P1030548 P1030549 P1030550 P1030552 P1030553 P1030557 
P1030559 P1030561
The remote can control your iPhone/iPod. 遙控器可以控制iPhone/iPod.


10-10-15 Los Angeles

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Didn’t do much this time, other than the usual eat, shop, eat, shop…

But this time I met up with Ben and Wei Wei and their kids for lunch. Ben lives in Chino Hills, so we each drove half way and met up in Cerritos at the BJ Brewery. It was nice to meet up with old friends, and Ben, sorry to disappoint you on the “glamorous lifestyle” of airline pilots. It’s not glamorous at all… it’s only in the movies… or in the “royal airbus fleet”…
P1030522 P1030524
這次回LA跟Ben還有Wei Wei碰到面, 還有他們的小朋友. 為什麼照片只有食物咧? 跟老朋友見面總是愉快的, 不過很抱歉, 我讓他們對飛行員的那種奢華淫蕩的生活形象幻滅了… 根本不是那回事… 那是電影裡才有的情節… 恩… 或著某皇家機隊…

For dinner Kevin, Michael and I went to a Chinese place near the Santa Anita mall. We were going to Bucca di Beppo, but it’s a bit late, and I need to get Michael back to the hotel so he can fly back later~ Chinese is good too~
P1030527 P1030528 P1030530 P1030532
晚餐是跟Kevin還有Michael在一家中國餐廳吃的. 本來要去一家在Pasadena的家庭式的義大利餐廳, 但是怕麥可會來不及趕回去上班, 所以就下次再去囉~

There are actually way more stuff than this that I need to bring back…
iPhone4 bumper and the fake carbon back cover from Griffin was courtesy of Apple. The Ed Hardy ones are authentic Ed Hardy stuff, not the cheap ass fake ones they have on Ebay…
其實這些只是一小部分… Bumper跟那個假碳纖維的殼是Apple送的. Ed Hardy是買的. 真品, 不是Ebay上面的假貨…

P1030534 P1030535 P1030536 P1030537 P1030538 P1030539 P1030540 P1030541
And yes, finally, it’s back! My bike is complete!! well.. for now… hahahaha~
有了這個, 我的車終於完成了… 至少… 目前算是完成了…
P1030542 P1030543 P1030544 P1030545


East Bound, West Bound, James Bound…

It was a flight from Taipei to Abu Dhabi then Frankfurt. Left home around 11:20pm and stepped into the hotel room in Frankfurt around 8:00pm the next day… It was a long day…

This is the tower at Abu Dhabi airport. Interesting ain’t it? We landing in Abu Dhabi for fuel and went on to Frankfurt. I hear the new hotel at AUH is real nice… next time…
IMG_0131 IMG_0124
Not sure if you can see it, but that red roofed building is the Ferrari park… Nice~~

Anyway, after we got to the hotel, the four of us went for a walk along the river and then head on to the train station for some food. Didn’t go downtown cuz we thought since it’s Sunday, many shops will be closed… Turns out, it was Oktoberfest… everything was open!! but we found out the next morning during breakfast just before we fly back to Taipei…
IMG_0157 IMG_0162IMG_0164 IMG_0166 IMG_0168 IMG_0173
IMG_0175 IMG_0177 IMG_0178

iPhone HDR functions is evident here. Left is with HDR off, right is with HDR on.
IMG_0180 IMG_0181 IMG_0182 IMG_0183
The sausage at the train station. YUM!! The Sexergy drink… I should’ve bought some and sell it online…
IMG_0186 IMG_0192 

These were the business class meals served on the passenger flight back to Taipei. It was better than what I expected~ But I really have to say, we have shitty business class seats!!! It was so uncomfortable… I think I only got 2 hours of sleep out of the 12-hour flight…
IMG_0208 IMG_0210
IMG_0212 IMG_0216 IMG_0220 IMG_0224 IMG_0230 IMG_0232
IMG_0234 IMG_0236

Done Moving

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Just found out that Windows Live Spaces is no more~~
Good thing they have the option of migrating everything I had to here.

I can now have my more than one category set to a post, which I wish Live Spaces had a long long time ago!
Also, the stats counter is back!!

Anyway, this is just a test…

East Bound, West Bound, James Bound.

It’s been a while since last time I was flew 065, Taipei, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Taipei. Actually, the last time I did this pattern was while I was still in training over 3 years ago. This time, Henry was there on a cargo flight, so we could meet up and hang.
上一次飛065從台北到曼谷到阿姆斯特丹回曼谷回台北已經是3年多前還在訓練的時候了. 這次剛好Henry也會在那邊, 所以我們就約了一起出去晃晃.


I’m can’t speak for others, but for me, as long as the hotel room has a clean bed, clean bathroom, a TV, and a stable and fast internet connection, then I’m all set.
我不曉得別人怎麼樣, 但是旅館只要有一張乾淨的床, 乾淨的廁所, 一台電視, 網路穩又快, 我就很滿足了.

After arriving in Amsterdam, took a nap, and went downtown with Henry to have a look see.
到了阿姆斯特丹之後, 睡了一下, 就跟Henry去城裡晃晃了.

What do you drink when you’re in Amsterdam? Heineken of course! We grabbed a drink at this cafe/restaurant next to Zara, and ordered pancakes. Yup, pancakes~ with beer!
來到阿姆斯特丹要喝什麼? 就是要海尼根啦! 我們在Zara旁邊的咖啡館/餐廳喝一杯, 還點了兩個鬆餅. 沒有錯, 鬆餅~ 配啤酒!
There were a lot of different toppings for the pancakes, and most of them were actually not sweet stuff or fruits. This one we got was bacon, mushroom, and cheese. it’s almost like a pizza, and it was surprisingly good! The pancake itself kinda has a texture of a crumpet.  The only food item that I miss from the training days in Adelaide.
菜單上面有各式各樣的鬆餅, 而且比較特別的是, 鹹的比甜的多. 雖然很詭異, 但是我們還是點了一個有蘑菇, 培根, 起司的. 好吃嗎? 真的很好吃ㄟ~ 我還滿驚訝的說~ 它的口感有點類似我們在澳洲受訓的時候吃的crumpet, 一個讓我懷念的食物~
We also ordered a strawberry pancake. It’s just fresh strawberries on top with powdered sugar and whipped cream. It was also berry good~ hahaha~
我們還點了一個草莓的, 上面就是新鮮草莓, 糖霜, 還有一坨鮮奶油. 這個也很好吃喔~
After our snack, we walked around downtown and these two pictures below is suppose to be a famous tourist spot. I didn’t tile my camera, the building was actually tilted~
吃完了我們的點心後, 我們又繼續晃來晃去. 剛好來到了這個景點. 不是我拍歪的喔,中間那棟就是歪歪的~
The weather was really nice that day, any shitty camera can capture nice looking pics.
那天的天氣很好, 任何爛的相機都可以拍出漂亮的照片.
Saw this tiny car on the side of a building, as you can see, it’s really small~ and it’s even got two seats in it… I think this is for children under 12.
路邊看到了這台小小車. 裡面還有兩張椅子. 我覺得這個應該是給12歲以下孩童的.
We then saw a Heineken City Shop, and they had a lot of Heineken stuff in it.
後來我們還去了海尼根的店 裡面有各式各樣海尼根的產品.

This was taken on route back to Bangkok. Nice big thunderstorm.
這張是回曼谷的路上拍的, 爆炸的雲.
Went to this restaurant for dinner. I have no idea where this was. People lead, and I followed.
晚餐是到這家餐廳去吃的. 我完全不曉得在哪, 反正有人帶, 我就跟著走就對了.
These are actually two different type of veggies. I can’t remember what they were…
這兩盤是不同的青菜, 不過… 我已經不記得他們是什麼東西了…
Chili crab and oyster omelet. It was goooooood~~~ Oh man, I’m hungry.
辣椒蟹還有蚵仔煎~ 好好吃喔~~ 我又餓了拉~
Steamed mussel, with lemon grass and basil. It was also very good. One thing about eating in Bangkok, everything was so freaking cheap!!! I can’t remember how much it was, but I remember saying damn that’s cheap! 
最後這倒是淡菜/孔雀蛤, 裡面放了檸檬草還有九層塔. 這個也好好吃~ 在曼谷吃飯真的很便宜ㄟ, 我是不記得這餐吃了多少錢啦, 不過我記得真是他奶奶的便宜~

Not much to say, just some pictures taken on and off the plane. I would like to move to Hawaii some day…

The first few pictures taken from the cockpit during sun raise somewhere over the Pacific. Times like these makes me feel better about my job… P1030384 P1030387 P1030391 P1030393 P1030407 P1030415

Approaching Hawaii
P1030419P1030420 P1030423P1030424

Waikiki Beach
P1030426P1030427 P1030428P1030430

Bye bye Honolulu, see you in three years!

Does anyone know what that truck/car is for?

I have no memory of this thing anymore… So I can’t tell you if it’s good or not…

I bet I have more watches than Paul…

These are the watches that I wear these days… None of them are really expensive, only one costs more than my chair, but I think they all look pretty good~~ I actually have more watches, but… I can’t find a couple of them, and some of them had finished their service and are living the rest of their days somewhere in my closet.P1030256 
這些是我現在有在戴的錶… 都不會很貴, 只有一隻比我的椅子貴, 但是我覺得都很有型~~ 其實我還有更多的錶, 不過有幾隻我找不到, 還有幾隻在櫃子裏面享受他們退休的生活.
P1030262 P1030264 P1030269 

Quartz movement, both are 50mm, both are inexpensive~
Fossil can display two time zones~
Invicta can only display one time zone, but it’s got a stop watch and displays date~

兩隻石英錶, 兩隻都有50mm寬, 兩隻都滿便宜的~
Fossil 這隻可以顯示兩地時間
Invicta 這隻有碼表還有日期

Both solar powered, both radio controlled multi band atomic timing thing…
Citizen has both home city and world city as well as UTC on it.
Casio can display two time zones, but it’s suppose to withstand 6Gs or was it 15? designed for the Red Bull Air Race, or… was it some guy in the Air Race wearing this… I can’t remember, and I don’t care… I don’t think 744 can take that many Gs… it’ll automatically disassemble itself way before reaching 15Gs…
P1030249 P1030250
這兩隻都是太陽能, 有碼錶, 有鬧鐘, 有日期星期顯示的自動對時電波飛行錶
Citizen 這隻可以顯示兩地時間加上UTC標準時間
Casio 這隻只有兩地時間, 不過他主打什麼可以抗6個G還是15個G… 好像是為了Red Bull Air Race設計的錶, 還是某個Air Race的駕駛有戴著隻… 管他的, 不重要… 400要拉到15個G… 拜託, 早就解體了…

Both Quartz movement, the Skagen has carbon fiber face, Luminox has carbon fiber casing~
The Skagen has day, date, and a second time zone display.
Luminox displays day only, but it’s got the self-powered micro gas lights, so it stays illuminated 24 hrs a day~
P1030253 P1030251
這兩隻也是石英錶. Skagen這隻是碳纖維的錶面, Luminox是碳纖維塑鋼的錶殼~
Skagen 可以顯示兩地時間, 也有日期跟星期
Luminox 這隻只有日期, 不過他有微發光管, 所以他24小時都會發亮~

Both are automatic movement, and both are suppose to be pilot watches.
The BC4 is limited edition with a unique 24hr display, the big crown adjusts the outer rim for a second time zone.
The BC3 is a classic, simple in design with day/date, my first automatic watch, had it for almost 8 years?
P1030247 P1030252
BC4 這隻是Blue Eagle限量款, 有著特別的24小時的顯示, 還有外圈可以調整第二地時間.
BC3 這隻是經典, 我的第一支機械錶, 買了有8年了吧~

I am going to find my other missing watches…